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Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Fruited… whatever.

I started cleaning up around the front and side of the manor over the weekend, and re-discovered the huckleberry (blueberry) clump. The plants themselves are about twice the size they were last year, and promise to give much more than the handful of small (but quite sweet) fruit this time around. All I have to do is keep the birds away (fat chance).

Mrs. Fetched is pretty sure that we’re seeing them now because we had some timber people remove many/most of the pines around the manor grounds two summers ago (they were getting pine beetles & they paid us to take care of the problem). It makes sense.

I’m thinking that once they finish doing their thing this year, I'll dig up and transplant some of these to give them all some more room to grow. But prolific producers like this guy? I’ll leave completely undisturbed, to make sure they have the room they need. I don’t think I’ll worry about having nice regimented rows like many blueberry farms have; I’ll just give them all some space.

That was the side. Around front, across from the driveway, there’s a pretty good stand of blackberries. I debated about mowing them down, then thought better of it — I won’t have to walk very far to pick them. This stand should be good for half a gallon of berries.

I like to get at least two gallons of blackberries every year. Mrs. Fetched’s mom helps to make jelly & jam, and I got like 14 pints last year. When January comes around, I open a jar and spread some on toast… and remember just how dang hot it was on July 4 weekend when I was picking them. :-P


  1. And you could put that jam on your famous biscuits. ;-)

  2. Huckleberries have been pretty popular among the fancy restaurants out here. I wonder if you could sell some of your crop to restaurants in your area.

  3. Hey Shelly. This year, not so likely: if I get more than a pint or two I'll be pleasantly surprised. Maybe in a few years I'll have a better crop.

  4. yummmmm. Jam on biscuits!

    Hi FAR and Boran!! I've missed you guys. Mister just bought me a laptop so now I can blog from the couch. You'll be screaming in agony and sick of me soon.....

    FAR I always love your garden photos. The land around your house is so beautiful. I envy you.

    Boran, you're next. See you soon!


  5. KB, Nope! Won't get sick of you any time soon! Congrats on the laptop, and I hope it does you right....

  6. (grinning) Oh, it is! I've been on it all night. I'm in loooove....

  7. So those are huckleberries, eh? Don't think I've ever had them, other than in the Twain variety. I hope the birds n'critters leave them alone so you can get some!

    *waving at KB!* Drop by soon sometime while I'm still inspired, lol.


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