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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Three. Two. One…

Stand by for Snippet launch!

The Boy didn’t believe we’d follow through. He, Snippet, and even her mom have been trying various tactics, but it looks like she’ll be gone tomorrow. She’s already been bumped from the guest bed: M.A.E.’s aunt has come up to see the new baby, and she’s staying with us. Snippet’s staying on the couch tonight. I don’t know where she’ll be tomorrow night, but it won’t be FAR Manor.

I’ve gotten sort of busy in meatspace, trying to get the manor ready for all the family coming to Daughter Dearest’s graduation — so of course I’ve suddenly become unblocked on FAR Future. What little free time I’ve had, I’ve been writing. The next two episodes are already up in scheduled posts for the next two Mondays, and I think I’m pretty clear on the next three episodes after those. I’m gonna write while Olga’s crackin’ the whip, so if I’m not around much you’ll know why.


  1. Wow FAR, so the countdown has begun, eh? T-Minus ... good for you, Mrs. Fetched and DD! If I could only dub in Far Manor in Spanish, I bet I could sell it as a telenovela!! (Ok, I admit that I've gotten a bit interested in some of those we get on Univision, lol!)

    Seriously though, it's about time. Especially since DD's graduation is upon you all ... I don't quite understand what the hullabaloo about them is these days (people go all out here as well). When I graduated it was a proud day I guess, but no big parties or such ... I was just relieved that I finally had my ticket out of the BFE town I grew up in ... then off to college. That was much cooler, after all!

  2. Telenovela… I've always liked that name. It's much more dignified than "soap opera" — but given the indignities of life here, perhaps that's the better term! :-)

    I had a graduation party, with a dozen or so friends. I lived pretty close to all my relatives back then, so it wasn't such a big deal… but when you live 500-1000 miles from your family, you need an excuse to get them together.

    BFE town… yeah, that describes this place. But you reminded me of a story I read in Motorcycle Consumer News of a guy whose grandfather and a friend took a loooong ride out of something-or-other Junction, Iowa on a '28 Harley during the Depression years. They published the trip log; he'd gone east into IL (where they shimmed an engine bearing with a piece of discarded tobacco tin!), then through KY, TN, GA (stopping at the Harley shop in Atlanta to have the crankshaft trued up), down to the Gulf coast, and then north back home. Easy Rider meets Grapes of Wrath (in the book, they had to replace a connecting rod bearing).


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