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Friday, November 04, 2005

Caught: the aftermath

The Boy’s herbal toy is causing some strain in relationships, not just between him and us, but between him and M.A.E. We had a long multi-party discussion last night (until like 1 a.m.), in which he said he’d quit (like I believe that). The only thing that either of us said that seemed to sink in was my assertion that just having that crap in the house was compromising M.A.E.’s attempt to get and stay straight, and that he was endangering her just by having it, let alone using it.

I met the wife & Daughter Dearest at one of the Mexican joints for supper, then went to pick up M.A.E. after. I had a few minutes, so pulled into the office park behind the Sonic to see if the open wireless point was still open (it is). After reading my comics, I rolled down to Arby’s.

We had a good conversation about recent events. One possibility is that she’ll have to leave here and go who knows where. I’m not sure she should leave just yet1; we have provided her the only stable home life she’s had since her grandparents, and I’ve seen some positive changes over the last few months. M.A.E. has been on him to quit the weed since he started, as he has demanded she change some of her behaviors. It’s interesting to watch the changing dynamics.

On our end, we have counseling/mental health service coverage through my insurance (and The Boy’s). I’ve started that process; I hope The Boy will at least give it an honest try.

1And if you’d told me back in July I would ever say that, I’d have fallen down laughing.


  1. Well, let's hope all goes well and you get The Boy and MAE in line.

  2. I've offered to judge the quailty of said herbal substance, it could just be cooking herbs and spices. Please let me know if you need my services. I will dispose of any strage substances, no questions asked. :)

    It just keeps getting better with him doesn't it? He's having a hard enough time figuring out what he might do with his life. Then he has that crap fogging up his mind. I'll have to say you have more patients than I'd ever have. Maybe thats why I'm single with no kids, I can barely handle a senior cat with the little "gifts" she leaves me on the couch once and a while.

  3. Sorry, Solarbro, they either smoked it up or tossed it out the window when I caught 'em. I have plenty of cooking herbs though.

    Well, we're scheduled to see a counselor (the whole famdamly) Saturday. That will be interesting. Seems like Newt could use a shrink herself; give her a chance to work through her "gifting" issues.


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