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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ugly Sunday around here

I woke to sirens going by the house about 3:30 last night. Everyone else slept right through it like it they’d grown up in the metropolis.

Defaced back door of churchComing to church this morning, this was what the back door looked like. Click the picture to get a bigger image if you want, but in the end it’s some kid’s nasty idea of a practical joke. I cautioned other church members to not get too worked up about it, because that’s what the prankster wanted.

Wesley Chapel... or what's left of itThen they told me Wesley Chapel, a church about a mile north of FAR Manor, had burned down last night. I thought maybe the tale had grown in the telling, but going over there this afternoon showed me different. Now I know what the sirens last night were about.

A lot of people, including myself at first, linked the two — although the fire department says a furnace problem caused the fire. It’s just an odd coincidence, how one church could get a door defaced and another burn down on the same night.

But thinking about it, I think it might be just a coincidence. The spray paint is only on the door, and should be fairly easy to clean off — we have some spray-on paint remover, and I would have given that a try today if I’d had a can of white spray paint to finish the job.

Needless to say, it was a rather somber day at church.


  1. Defacing any church or destruction of any place people gather to worship is just appalling to me. Personally I want to see public whippings of those that perpetrate these crimes.

    Many associate Pagan with godless...but just the opposite..we accept all Gods as one God. So to me a crime against religion is just beyond comprehension.

    May you have some peace this week and may the authorities find the vandals.

  2. Thanks, Sally. I really feel for the people at the church that burned down though -- the building has been there well over 100 years. Even though they have a recreational building where they carried on with services yesterday, they've lost a lot of history.

    I just hope it really was a furnace problem; I just can't fathom the idea of someone who would burn down a church. Unfortunately, the history of this planet is rife with such things.

  3. Awww, Larry. I'm so sorry. All this hate in the world... It's just wrong.


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