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Monday, November 07, 2005

Life in Brief

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A long post of short events....

I had a different dispatch in mind for tonight, but Blogger Photo is being cranky about uploading. They really need to give us some way to manage photos, if for no other reason than to recover from nights like this (so we can delete duplicates).

I ripped up the other half of the living room carpet yesterday, with some help from The Boy. But then he had to go to work, and I was left to pull up the staples and nail beds (or whatever those things are called that get tacked along the edges). I almost got finished; I decided to take a break and go take some pictures, then finished up tonight. I’m going to put the carpet in the outbuilding. Eventually.

The Boy is looking for people who want an exciting career as dishwashers. He says they have a bunch of openings in the kitchen. (Remember, this gig comes with Blue Cross!) If they can get two new dishwashers, he says, he’ll get promoted to assistant cook & get a raise amounting to $100 per paycheck. M.A.E. is hoping they’ll give her a second chance; she seems to have considered the reasons for losing her old job and matured a bit since then. Can’t hurt to try, anyway.

Speaking of M.A.E., her mom withdrew the injunction today. Mrs. Fetched isn’t ready to let bygones be bygones, though: “SPOW is going to stop doing this kind of stuff to people,” was what she told me. You don’t tangle with Mrs. Fetched, or anyone under her wing (reluctantly or not).

The Boy is now the proud owner of a Chevy Lumina. There are minor details like getting insurance and license plates, but he’s willing to do what it takes. The car has a big enough trunk to carry all his guitars, amps, and who knows what else. Not that it matters at this time of year, but it’s the only car in our lot with working A/C. He could clean it up and easily flip it for lots more than the $100 he paid for it.

Daughter Dearest didn’t make the cut for All-State Chorus this year. She wasn’t upset about it; none of the other girls in her chorus, she said, made it either. It’s the trip to the national competition in Orlando that she’s really looking forward to. Wife suggested we pretend she made it and go to Savannah anyway.

Lobster’s leg, which he wrenched playing football some months back, was bothering him again this morning... or he was looking for an excuse to lay out of school. I got the hot pad out & had him sit on it. Too bad he isn’t a real lobster; we could just break the leg off and let a new one grow in. Given his attitude of late, wrenching his leg off would have some therapeutic value as well. :-P

And speaking of therapy, we meet our counselor Saturday.


  1. They're called "tack strips" if you have to remove them use a 4" flat cold chisel with a fist guard and hammer. Lay the chisel agianst the taskstrip where a nail is a smack it. They should pop right up, oh and use leather gloves, those tacks can be nasty.

    So the Boy got a Lumina huh? It should be a good first car, V-8 or V-6, fuel injected or carburated? Hopefully it's a V8 FI because those v6's weren't any good when they were new. The problem isn't with the engine itself, but the "engine management system", that blows. If it doesn't idle then it's probably an EGR valve, running rough or slugish the TPS voltage is off, also check for any vacuum lines that are broken. If I remember right that car had 3 miles of vacuum lines and one cracked one would make the car run like crap.

    I just got the Mustang back on the road and I know that insurance can be $$$$$$. I'm insuring 3 vehicles with one person in the household. The Mustang runs really good, but I have a feeling that it might get me into trouble like the 442 did. Oh BTW I only put the 442 in the ditch once. :)

  2. Tack strips. Yeah. I got 'em up with a small chisel & a rubber mallet. I've handled a fair amount of barbed wire; these things are just sandpaper compared to Gaucho wire.

    I'm not sure what the engine is, but IMO Chevy motors are mostly no good regardless. :-P The guy that (so much as) gave it to us knows his way around Chevys pretty good though, and it runs & idles pretty well. All the lights work as spec'd, no shorts or opens, which is absolutely amazing for a GM product... except for the "low coolant" light, which flickers. I'll keep the vacuum lines in mind.

    I know what you mean about insurance. We now have two cars, a van, and a Barge, and a motorcycle (plus another one waiting for me to fix it). Part of me wanted that 'Stang for myself, but I'm mostly glad I don't have it. I'll bet the insurance is a real dent in the ol' wallet.


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