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Friday, November 04, 2005

This just in!

Wife showed me the test results from The Boy’s C-Peptide test: “Looks like Type II. Negative for antibodies, positive for insulin. May improve with diet and exercise.”

Pardon me for a moment while I...


...and do the happy dance.

Dang. It sure is nice to get a little good news for a change. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and good vibes. ’Course, this is just another beginning... he now has to get motivated to do the things that will make a difference.


  1. If you use the natural cure, it has a 99% cure rate now that you know it is Type II. That is, if you do it right.

  2. By the way FARfetched, I decided to quit blogging. I just don't have the love for it I used to. I have other Internet projects to attend to. I just decided to quit, I will be by the site, but I will not have a blog any longer.

  3. Sorry to hear that, Austin. I've enjoyed reading your stuff.

  4. Excellent news! That is a very happy story.

  5. Aw Larry... what wonderful news!!! I'm so happy for you all.


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