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Thursday, November 03, 2005


Last night, the wife asked me to see if the boys were in bed. So I slipped quietly up the stairs, and opened the door.

FAR Manor is a Cape Cod-style house, with two upstairs bedrooms. Each bedroom has a single gabled window. The Boy and Lobster were standing in the gable, with the window open. I smelled smoke, but it wasn’t cigarette smoke... and said so.

The Boy was in immediate denial mode: it was just cigarette smoke, he insisted, after swearing up and down that he hadn’t smoked in weeks. Whoops... he just torpedoed his last scrap of trust.

So this afternoon, the wife told M.A.E. what happened last night. “I told them they were going to get caught,” she said. She also let us know that she and The Boy had an arrangement where she was supposed to call him when one of us started up the stairs. Last night, she decided not to do it. (See? I told ya she’s not that dumb.) She said that Lobster had brought it home, but if she said from where, I missed it.

Wife repeated her assertion that she would have no problem having the sheriff bring a drug dog out here. M.A.E. got that deer in the headlights look and blurted, “I know where he keeps it!” But Lobster either got rid of it, used the last of it up, or moved it: it wasn’t where she thought it was. Makes me wonder what M.A.E. has to worry about — she claims that she doesn’t want to get mixed up in that stuff again, she has to take a drug test to show the court that the restraining order from SPOW is bogus, and she didn’t have any trouble marching into the cop shop to see why they were looking for her.

Meanwhile, The Boy called me as I was getting ready to leave for home, trying to convince me that what I smelled was a Camel. Riiiiiiight. Like I’m believing anything he says at the moment.


  1. Oh boy, so what you smelled was the wacky weed? If you find a stash let me know and I'll be right there to make a postive identity :) So is the "Boy" that dumb to think he can do that in your house or is he just being hard headed. I went throught that phase if you rememeber, but I got my crap straightened out by time I was 16. I was no saint but mom and I got along much much better.

    From what I can tell is that the "boy" doesn't give you any respect at all. If it were me I'd have beat him stupid until he started to show some respect. Or at least make his life misrable; have him live with Mom for a few months. That would straighen up a hardened criminal in no time.

  2. LOL, yeah. I don't know if Mom is in any shape to take him... and she won't anyway. We've asked.

    He's always been able to delude himself into thinking he can get away with whatever it is he wants to do. You can guess how well that has historically worked out.

    And you're right, respect has been an issue. Either it's there or is isn't... I don't think you can beat respect into anyone (only fear). Besides, I didn't have to *beat* him stupid, if you get my drift. :-P


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