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Monday, November 21, 2005

Lobster Stew(ed)

The ding-a-ling came home with another ticket — this one for 72 in a 45 zone. Baaaaaad news.

Seeing that it’s his second ticket within 30 days (he got another one Hallowe’en night), he’s probably going to get his license suspended. I assume they’ll give him a special ticket to drive to work and school... but that second ticket was while he was going to work.

He’s going to learn a whole new meaning of the word, “fine.”

1 comment:

  1. If they suspend his licence don't count on a "school or work" permit. If he doesn't get a "work permit" don't help him out in anyway. Let him learn the hard way that he needs to be responsible. Most states won't issue a work permit unless you're the head of household.

    Do you think Mom had any pity for me after I got my licence suspended? Ahh, no, I had to find my own way to work and school and staying at home was no option.

    I was no saint at that age, and I spead around everywhere, because I was way to cool to listen to anyone. I'm so glad and lucky I didn't kill anyone or myself with that 442.


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