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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Happy Dance Time

Two (much larger) competitors of the company I work at find it too much of a struggle to compete, so they’re joining forces. Our stock got hammered on the news, but those things are temporary. We’ll continue doing what we do best while they’re sorting things out.

The real winners, though, are Scientific-Atlanta employees. I was a contractor there for 3½ years before moving to where I am now, and have stayed for eight years. Cisco’s modus operandi with new companies is to provide a thorough corporate culture enema, and no company I’ve been at — or heard of — needs one more than S-A.

S-A’s corporate culture still somehow reflects its roots as a McCarthy-era defense contractor. Employees are simply cogs in the machine, to be paid as little as possible and discarded at whim. I’m hunting for an email address for Cisco’s CEO (or at least HR department) and suggest they simply can everyone at S-A above the supervisor level, and a third to a half of the sup’s.

So on behalf of people I used to work with and still think of as friends, I do the happy dance. If it were a bit warmer, I’d dance naked around FAR Manor to celebrate.


  1. Harummph!

    After taking a bath for 4+ years on Cisco stock - I just dumped all of mine. They might be good at cleaning up companies but they don't do diddly for us investors.

    I am glad for the employees...just think Cisco stinks.

  2. Heh. What I’ve heard is that Cisco tends to overpromise to get themselves ensconced... then when they can’t deliver, ego (can’t admit a mistake) and/or inertia keeps them there. Sometimes.


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