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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Days of confinement

Looks like this is more of a short-term kick in the head. The Boy reports to his probation officer tomorrow, a cop picks him up and carts him to the clink. He spends up to 10 days there, on a “2 for 1” basis: every day of good behavior is one day off. So if he doesn’t screw up, he’ll be there 5 days. He doesn’t get to smoke, so that’s probably going to be the worst part (immediately, at least).

More importantly, he loses his driver’s license for six months — and worst of all, loses the chance to have his record deleted after he completes his probation. No fun.


  1. Hi Farfetched

    The old saying, when it rains it pours might come into account here. Hope the Boy gets through it OK.

    Also from the other days post, I see DD's boyfriend is there. I remember you talking about that. Has he gotten any chicken house experience yet? :)

  2. What's the plan for when the 5 (or more) days are up?

  3. Hi guys.

    We'll get to see The Boy tomorrow evening. I asked him if he wanted any books or a drawing pad, and he said the drawing pad would be good. O, I'm not sure what's going to happen after he gets out (Thursday?). He might come home... M.A.E. may be gone by then (they don't get along too well nowadays). Or he might go back to where he was staying before; all his stuff is there as far as I know.

    FM, the boyfriend has so far managed to escape the chicken houses. Mrs. Fetched must like him or something. He helps with other stuff though.


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