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Monday, February 05, 2007


Looks like iTunes has problems with Vista. In other news, the sun rose in the east this morning and it’s cold in the winter. I don’t remember where I said it, but I had figured the development motto at Microsoft was “Vista ain’t done ’til iTunes won’t run.”

Microsoft, according to the article, “has a team working with Apple to make iTunes fully functional on Vista.” Call me cynical, but I wonder whether they’ll actually slow things down — whether they mean to or not.


  1. Rhapsody already has issues with IE7 and WMP 11; I can't imagine trying to run it on a new OS.

    This is the problem with having a for-profit company creating and controlling 90% or so of the OS market - they have an agenda to sell their own products, and can make it very difficult of competitors.

    I am edging closer and closer to chucking Windows in favor of Linux. I have NO plans to upgrade to Vista unless forced to do so.

  2. Sounds like a plan!

    Can you use Rhapsody with Linux, though?

  3. Me too ... I'm seriously considering a mac and I'm definitely going to put linux on the pc once I get it back from repairs ...

  4. Good idea, Olivia, especially the Mac part. Except for occasional blips like Picasa, which I understand is very nice, all the best photo stuff runs on Macs or is even Mac-exclusive.

  5. Hi FARfeteched.

    Geeze I want a MAC now. From what I've heard Windows has stolen a lot of the new stuff for Vista from MAC.

    I think before I completely switch over to Linux, I'll buy a stand alone hard drive and set it up for linux. See how that works and go from there.

    You know change is good, but sometimes too much change isn't that great.

    Hope the FAR family is doing fine.


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