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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jailhouse Blues

I really don’t know how to finesse this one. The Boy went to his scheduled probation visit on Tuesday, they gave him a drug test, and you can guess how that went. They’re giving him until next Friday to report to the clink. He’s not too happy about it, obviously… and is trying to tell us he wasn’t doing anything like that. Um, yeah, right. Can second-hand smoke show up on a drug test? I really don’t know, but I still think he had a little something here & there. He just doesn’t believe in consequences.

He mentioned running, although Mrs. Fetched warned him what would come of that. I just wish they’d stick him in boot camp or something; he might learn to take some responsibility for himself.


  1. Yikes! Sorry to hear that FAR.

  2. Yeah, me too. I really didn't expect that he'd stay out of jail though… although I was guessing March instead of February.

  3. Oh man, Far, sorry to hear that. But you're right ... until consequences come crashing down on some people, they just refuse to see the handwriting on the wall (didn't they ever see The 10 Commandments? That always scared the crap outta me!)

    We have watched similar travails with our neighbor kid and his mom, and what it took to get him snapped around (I won't say snapped out of it yet, cuz I might jinx him). He shoplifted from his job and ended up on a 2 yr very strict probation program, where for missing a meeting once, he spent a week hard time in jail just for that. He appears to have learned his lesson, graduated technical school, has been holding down a full time job and recently got engaged.

    I know, that's not the Far-boy, but thought maybe that might give you a glimmer of hopefulness anyway.

    Then again, maybe boot camp is the best idea!

  4. Thanks, IVG. I just hope he gets to where he believes in consequences.

    We'll have a few inquiries to make in the next week or so: whether he can have books or a drawing pad, when his visiting times are, and who we have to lean on to make sure he gets his meds. After that, we'll see what happens.

  5. OMG..I am so sorry to read this. I was so hoping he go the stright and narrow. My thought will be with you and hope the time passes fast for him.

  6. O FarFetched...

    I'm so sorry --

    When I hear some idiot on TV say that someone 'only' got probation, I often think -- do you have any idea how hard probation is for some people? It's a real tightrope and for trouble kids (who by definition don't understand consequences) it's very, very difficult.

  7. I hope this helps him. Things often work out for the best though it doesn't seem like it at the time.

  8. Hi guys...

    DeeDee, we're planning to look into what he can have with him in jail. I hope he'll at least be able to have some books, a drawing tablet, and a pencil or two. He'll really want a guitar, but I'd be worried about it getting stolen or broken.

    Katiebird, I thought probation was going to be pretty difficult for him too… just because it's a direct clash with his attitude that he should have no restrictions. But if he thought probation was a hassle, he's about to learn what restrictions are.

    Carnacki, I'm sure things will work out for the best, but at the moment I don't see how. Second-guessing God seems to be a favorite pastime among some people though, and we all know how well that works....

    See y'all around.


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