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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hello Wet Snowy February

This isn’t the first time a change of month has been somewhat dramatic.

We were up pretty late last night; some co-workers drove all the way up to FAR Manor to avail themselves of Mrs. Fetched’s video editing services. As always, it took several hours longer than expected; they didn’t get out of here until nearly midnight (and she charges by the hour, cha-ching!). But they were happy, and that’s what counts.

So the weather dudes were predicting possible light icing and up two 2 inches of snow “in the higher elevations.” Oops.

The good part is, we were up so late wrapping up with file conversions that I needed a good excuse to sleep late this morning. Looks like I got it! Unfortunately, I have to get into the office today; I have a critical project that needs finishing and I have to deliver the video files to the co-workers.

I’ll wrap this up with some more snow…

A second picture of today’s snow…

…and a video clip of last year’s snow, two weeks short of a year ago.

Stay warm and dry if you can. (Yeah, yeah, Solar, I know you will!)


  1. Solar says: It's been cold here too, it barely made it to 70° yesterday and it might rain this weekend with the temps in the mid 70's.

  2. FM will be jealous when he sees this FAR. :)

  3. Hi FARfetched

    What Olivia said. :)

    Hey I've got a question for you and Mrs. Fetched. What kind of video editing does she do? I've got a cousin that has a vhs that was taken from old home movies my uncle made back in the 50's. He paid some business that transferes the tape to DVD. He told them he wanted them cleaned up, but I think they just copied to DVD and slapped a label on it.

    So I was wondering if she is able to clean up old vids.

  4. Hi guys.

    Solar, I ought to have drove down just to bonk you for that comment. :-P Work is the curse of the drinking class, you know.

    FM... you're jealous of this snow? It turned to slush pretty quickly. There's still an inch or so on the ground. As for the video, what does your cousin want done with it? Mrs. Fetched can pull stuff out, rearrange it, and stuff like that. She couldn't fix really bad scratches or stuff that's out of focus, but she's worked with old movies before. Shoot me an email if you get a chance.


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