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Monday, February 12, 2007

Hello Again

Guess who’s back at the free-range insane asylum?

Yup, M.A.E. her own self.

When we last saw M.A.E., she was on her way out the door to move in with her new boyfriend. That lasted all of a week or two, when she found out he had been playing around on the side all along (or was she the one on the side?). She wound up with her psycho mom for a while, then landed with some people in the next town south. That blew up last week, precipitated by the same thing that got her out of FAR Manor (spending the night with some “people” they didn’t know) and she finally got around to asking us over the weekend if she could come back here.

Mrs. Fetched and I were both against the idea. Neither one of us thought she’d learned much, or would be willing to deal with The Rules — but our renters need some help with their grand-triplets (the mom is there but not helping) so we thought maybe she could stay with them. That isn’t happening either. However, she’s lined up a place with some friends who have moved to Virginia, so Mrs. Fetched decided she could use FAR Manor as a staging area — basically, her tax return will pay for a bus/train ticket on outta here. In the meantime, she’ll be spending a couple of days per week dealing with the triplets. I think this will be good for her; she’s always fancied herself a daycare worker.

That’s the plan, anyway. I figure she’ll be here for months. Oh well: I don’t get to walk around in my undies anymore, but she always makes for interesting blog material.


  1. Hi FARfetched

    At least you can say you haven't been through this before. The most you can do is hope for the best.

    Hope everything turns out alright.

  2. Wow Far ...I thought I had a lot of drama in my life, as my one bosses says...lol. I think you have top me. I do think it nice that you are taling her in. Hope it not for too long.

  3. So far so good... I'm not holding my breath, but she could be elsewhere by this weekend.

    You know, I haven't mentioned Daughter Dearest's boyfriend being here. I probably ought to write up something about that, but I need to come up with a good nickname. My first thought was "Indy" since he's from Indiana, but otherwise it doesn't fit him.

  4. Wow FAR ... sounds like a full house!


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