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Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Night Cinema

Why waste gas and money to see a movie? Friday Night Cinema brings free flicks straight to your screen!

If you can open them, that is. Living on the leading edge has always required someone to work the help desk — and tonight, you’ll see what the helpdesk worker (A.D. 150) had to deal with…


  1. LOL I was thinking of my sister and b-i-l whenever I have to go and help them with their computer. It's pretty close. :)

  2. Everybody — and I mean everybody at FAR Manor thought it was incredibly funny.

    The original link I had for this clip was pulled, and I had to scramble to find a replacement - this one is much darker than the first, but includes the part about reading the manual at the end (that wasn't in the original clip).


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