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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Eat to work, work to eat

I suggested stuffed bell peppers for supper tonight — I would have suggested it for yesterday, if we’d had some thawed ground beast. It was quite good, and she invited her parents up to help us eat it. Still, there was enough left over to stuff a microwave dish with a pepper, ear of corn, potatoes, and a slice of Mexican corn bread that Mrs. Fetched’s mom made (hot stuff! yum!). It won’t be any problem carrying it to work, since we’ll be getting my Civic first thing tomorrow.

Since the mom-in-law is going to the farmer’s market in the morning, I cleared the jalapeƱo bushes of the larger peppers, ending up with over two pounds of biiiig green chiles. Maybe someone will have cilantro and want to trade… I just can’t seem to grow cilantro.

The last of my “restricted” stock just got un-restricted. The HR department sent a memo around saying that they were going to use shares to withhold taxes, and “your net pay will not be affected.” Um… they forgot the Social Security part, which knocked a cool $600 off this paycheck, and I can ill afford to not have that money. I need to sell some of that stock, I guess… and since it’s lost about $2 in the last week, I’ll have to sell more than I needed to in the first place. At least I have the option (pun not intended). Maybe it will shoot back up tomorrow. Maybe pigs will… oh, never mind.


  1. Let us know how it goes w/ the peppers at the farmer's market ... :)

  2. Solar:

    Cilantro? Vile weed!!!

    Pine Sol would be better to use, it smell's the same and probably tastes better than that nasty plant.

  3. Au contraire, anonymouse!!

    Cilantro is the herb of the hgods!

  4. Any herb (weed) that smells and tastes like industrial cleaner can't be good. :)

  5. Send your leftovers up here to the Valley.

  6. More about the peppers in the next post up....

    Solar, cilantro is great in salsa & other Mex dishes. It takes the sharp edge off the hot stuff.

  7. I'm not real fond of cilantro myself ... it's got a strong flavour.

  8. Basil is strong, too. That doesn't stop me from using as much as I can get away with. :-)


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