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Friday, July 06, 2007

Food, food, food

We had plenty of leftovers from the 4th — even though J’s whole family came to help us eat. So Mrs. Fetched, being a kind soul, tossed a hamburger patty plus a bunch of veggies into a microwave dish for me to take for lunch.

That only left one question: how to take it? There was no rain in the forecast, so I was definitely planning on taking the bike. I ended up grabbing the bungee cords off the mountain bike’s back rack and hooking them to convenient protrusions under the seat, leaving the dish pretty well-secured to the rear fender. I’m going to get a cargo rack for the bike first chance I get — I already have a milk crate to put on it, and any lunch items will ride quite happily in that. But until then, this seems to work pretty well.

I’ve been planning to cook some black beans for a while, and finally got around to soaking them Wednesday night. Both Mrs. Fetched and I forgot to do anything about them yesterday, so I clipped some herbs and put them on the beans, asking her to throw them in the crock pot. This she did, adding an onion. When I got home, I put on some rice and we chowed down. Mrs. Fetched said of it, “Either I’m really hungry or this is really good.” I’ll go with #2, of course! Tomorrow, I’ll cook up some more rice and make black bean soup out of what’s left. Mrs. Fetched has a really bad cold, and the cloudy rainy weather has left the girlies chilly (in July! on Planet Georgia!). I’ll mince a jalapeno into the broth; that should warm them up!

Plenty of blackberries out there on the vines, but I don’t know if I’ll get more than what I’ve picked already. I got “only” a half-gallon on Wednesday; it gets difficult to get into the middle of those big stands, even armed with clippers. I dug two deeply-embedded thorns out of my thumb & forefinger last night (it’s not just the heat you have to worry about). But a gallon & a half ought to make enough jelly to make it all worthwhile. Oh, and did I mention I found three or four more blueberry bushes out back? If we can keep the birds out of them, we should have at least a couple quarts of blueberries once we’ve picked them all. Mrs. Fetched likes to freeze them and use them for various things.

Finally… food? Now that The Boy is out of the house, I can start drinking up the beer I confiscated from him and his friends. I found two more bottles stashed in a tool cabinet, one of which was opened and (not) resealed. It might not be food, but beer is nutrition for a guy. That’s my story anyway, and I’m sticking to it.

Not food: You may not have noticed that I added Kansas’s new blog, Sweet Mystery of Life, to the blog roll. I really need to get a copy of her book sooner or later… good excuse to swing by the bookstore on the way home from work and order it.


  1. I was somewhere (Olivia's place?) and heard you mention that you'd had a little problem posting something new "just now." So I thought I'd trot over to say:


    And that if I hadn't just spent my 2 weeks vacation, I'd hop on the back of mister's kz1000p (with him) and raid your berries.

    You're photos and plans and recipes are killing me.

    I love it!

    And I think you'd like The Virgin -- there are touches all the way through it that are pure 'kansas' and her description of The Flint Hills could make anyone fall in love with Kansas. Even me.

  2. Hi FAR.

    I just got up, and reading about the food has me hungry already,


    Who said beer isn't nutritious?

  3. Morning folks!

    KB, you and mister would be welcome… if you could *find* the place. The problem I'm having with Blogger is that I have to log in from a comments page (any comments page) instead of the "Sign In" link at the top of a blog. Sometimes, I also have to do the captcha twice, especially if it takes me a while to write the response.

    FM, you know who says beer isn't nutritious: the not-guys.

  4. Ah -- choose OTHER, not Google/Blogger!!!

    Actually I shouldn't have the AH there. Since this is a test.

    And I'm sure we could find you. We're librarians. We can find anything.

  5. It Worked!!! Thanks! (running to show off at Nancy's Place)

  6. Hey ... katiebird's back! :)

    And I agree w/ katieb ... all your talk on food sounds so yummy! I'm hungry now ... :)

  7. Woo hoo, Katiebird has de-Catherine'd!!!

    Hi Olivia! I'm not terribly hungry myself at the moment: we didn't wake up until 10 this morning (yay!) and ate a very late breakfast before Daughter Dearest and I took care of the chickens (Mrs. Fetched has a horrendous cold). I'll probably work on the bean soup before too long though.

  8. Oh, how life is w/out TB, eh FAR? Got a great chuckle out of you recounting the confiscated and stashed beers... and yes it is food, bread in a bottle as one of my brewing books once called it. And when you see what all good stuff does go in the home made stuff, that saying makes perfect sense.

    Hope you and Fetched gang are enjoying the peace and quiet... I sure would be, give recent events!

  9. Hey IVG, you kind of snuck up on me here....

    Yup, life is a bit quieter. It's sort of derailed my creativity for the moment; I'll probably get it back as I get used to not having the hassles around. He's gone but not completely forgotten: we get several phone calls per day for him, and he calls every once in a while (asking about money mostly) but that's about it.


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