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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ready, set…

It’s almost time to escape FAR Manor for a week+, starting tomorrow evening. Daughter Dearest and I will grab the sigh gas guzzler and head north — first to her boyfriend’s locale for a couple of days and then the ol’ family grounds in Michigan. Mrs. Fetched unfortunately won’t be coming, despite her needing to get away from here more than anyone; the chicken houses have their claws in her and she’s worried about leaving the house empty with The Boy nearby.

Dad has dialup, so I may or may not be online much beyond checking email. I’ll probably have to skip the photoblogs for the most part — I’ll miss ya, Olivia and IVG — then catch up when I get home (or to a place with broadband). If nothing else, I’ll have a pad of paper & something to write with, so I can work on the the next installment(s) of FAR Future. If I get some bandwidth, I’ll post some pictures too.

I’ve been asked to bring basil; I’ll also bring some peppers and a jar blackberry jam. I should probably bring some coffee too; I think Dad drinks decaf.


  1. I'll miss you FARf, but I hope you have a good time. I don't think I ever took a trip with just my dad. I think it would have been fun. Is Daughter Dearest looking forward to it?

    I don't blame Mrs. Fetched for sticking around. We've been through that decision ourselves.

    And don't forget to fill your water bottles!

    I loved the comments on your story

  2. I"m with katiebird--I never took a trip with just my dad, either, though I remember little city excursions we did to the ballpark as some of my happiest childhood memories. So I think it's grand that you and daughter get to do this, though I'm sorry that Mrs. far can't go.

    Happy traveling, far

  3. Have fun FAR and safe travels! Will look forward to your photos (as a cottager myself, the lake sounds divine!) and more creative writing pieces when you return.

  4. Good morning FAR.

    Glad you're finally getting some time off, and the trip with Daughter Dearest should be fun. Too bad Mrs. FAR can't go, but it's probably a wise decision with her staying there.

    It'll be fun once you get back to see what new future you've created and what pictures you've taken. I did mention pictures - take lots of them. :)

  5. solar:

    Yeah, Dads internet really makes you realise that broadband is awesome. Have fun, where are you staying?

  6. Hey everyone.

    Yup, we're both looking forward to it. This isn't the first time it's been just us: we all went to a resort in Helen (about an hour from the manor) a few years back, then Mrs. Fetched's mom freaked out over something and she went home. I'm not sure where The Boy was at the time; I think maybe he was bored & went home with her. Whatever it was, the second half of the week was just the two of us. We did a very good job of just hanging out and keeping the pool churned up.

    This morning, Mrs. Fetched suggested I take my laptop so I'll have something to do while we're visiting the boyfriend; his parents didn't invite her over when they were up there last month. (They're rather strange, from what he's told us about them.)

    We should get plenty of pictures; if I don't have the camera, DD will. I might do what I did last year: put up posts when I can, and add the pictures later when I have sufficient bandwidth.

    It looks like I'll be staying at the cottage that Mom is renting (across from Dad's place). Mom's talking about using a camper, although I don't see why I shouldn't use it & let her keep her nice bed (hmmm, maybe the bed isn't so nice?).

  7. Have a good time, Far. Sounds like you've got a lot of driving ahead of you, be safe. Now about that dial up, I manage to do fairly well with it but youtube is definitely out of the question.


  8. I gotta stop this being late to the FAR party here! At this point I'm sure you're already where you're going, so I'll just chime in to wish you both a great trip and restful vacation! Too bad about Mrs. Fetched having to stay home, but it's probably wise in the long run, given the experiences of the past few months.

    Aww, nice of you to say you'll miss UO, but it will be there and stuffed w/flowers and such when you get back... and if it's any consolation, I'm on dial up at home, and though it does take a while to load, it's not that bad. But like Boran said, Youtube is definitely out of the question.

    Looking forward to hearing about your MI adventures when you get back!

  9. Hey guys.

    Boran, we have arrived safely! Good to be on Planet Earth again.

    IVG, I miss Mrs. Fetched; I wish there was a way for her to be here. She could use a little relaxation... probably more than me, even.

    I'm having issues getting logged into Blogger, so chances are I won't be posting anything until I get home about a week from now. I'm typing up the posts and inserting pictures where I want them to be, so I won't have any trouble getting everything up when I get home. I'll be sure to backdate things properly as well.

  10. Ah, FARfetched -- that's so sweet. I've been thinking about your trip and I'm glad it's going well (considering Mrs. Fetched isn't there) so far.

    (I'm going to be in Mrs. Fetched place in a couple of weeks. Mr. & the kids will go up north for a week while I stay home and work. :( )

    I'll be here when you get back!

  11. Farfbob, I hope you're enjoying your trip with your daughter. It sounds like fun. I hope Mrs. F. is enjoying her time too.

    And I am in no way surprised that you were asked to bring the basil... Yum.

  12. Have a great time with your daughter.You`ll never regret this trip, I`m positive.

  13. ::impatiently tapping foot and checking watch::

    Shouldn't you guys be back by now?

    :) Hope you had a great time.

  14. Man am I needing a Tales from FAR Manor fix. :)

    Hope all of you are having a great time FAR, and I'll be looking forward to pictures.

  15. Hey folks,

    Yup, I'm back. I'm putting stuff together now. Work your way back from the top; I'm going to backdate posts to the day I wrote 'em.


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