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Monday, July 23, 2007

Escape 2007, Episode 9: Homeward Bound

Well, it’s the end of my vacation, and I don’t wanna go.
It’s the end of my vacation, and I don’t wanna go.
Gotta get back to it,
Just wish I could say No.

So go the opening lines of the “End of Vacation Blues,” one of several half-baked song lyrics kicking around in my head.

There’s really not much to say about the ride back to FAR Manor. I put air in the tires, gas in the tank (and it had magically dropped like 35 cents in the last two days!), picked up Daughter Dearest and a 5-pound box of Michigan blueberries, pointed it south, and drove. Daughter Dearest slept, except when she was texting her boyfriend or arguing with me about a certain side trip. I let her use my phone for a while, since it has an AIM client & his phone died (forcing him to the computer). There really wasn’t a good point to have her drive, especially when we approached Chattanooga; traffic was much heavier than I would expect for late Sunday night.

People have asked me if I went to Florida instead of Michigan; they can’t believe I got as tan as I did. But I spent quite a few hours outside, and it really does get sunny in Michigan. (You should have seen me in high school toward the end of any given summer; I was pretty dark and the soles of my feet were so tough I could run barefoot over gravel.)

And thus endeth Escape 2007, at least for a month or so. Escape 2007.2 happens in September. Meanwhile, I’ll get back to chronicling life in the free-range insane asylum and posting some of the FAR Future episodes I wrote early last week.


  1. Thanks for sharing it FARf! The photos were wonderful and you did a great job of narrating the adventure.

  2. Shuddering at the thought of driving through Chattanooga in traffic! That particular part of the way North from days down that way always freaked me out. Too many drop offs along the interstated in TN are not conducive to calm driving in this height challenged driver. Glad the trip was without incident though!

  3. Hey folks - how did I miss these earlier?

    KB, thanks for the kind words. It’s a good way for me to unwind from the life I live. :-P

    IVG, I don't think I've ever found a quiet time for driving through Chattanooga. Then again, things had thinned out a lot by the time we hit Nashville going up… except for the squid who was doing wheelies on his crotch rocket. At freeway speeds or higher. I was just afraid he was going to topple it & I wouldn't be able to avoid squashing him, but thank God that didn't happen.


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