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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Quiet… (and what’s weird in the world)

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The Boy has been gone since Monday, with maybe one phone call in between. A day or so later, he came by (driving his girlfriend’s mom’s truck) and picked up J. He showed up Wednesday, when his family came by for the 4th, but that’s the last we’ve seen or heard from him too. So it has just been Mrs. Fetched, Daughter Dearest, and me. Mrs. Fetched has had a killer cold lately — and it’s difficult to get a nag going when it gets interrupted by a coughing fit — and Daughter Dearest is too absorbed in hanging out with her boyfriend online to be around very much. So it has been rather quiet around FAR Manor lately.

Since nothing much is going on at the manor, here’s a couple of interesting news items that caught my eye lately:

You’re a bride in India, your in-laws are making life hell for you over a dowry, how do you protest? Here’s one way to get some attention!

The European Union takes the slogan “Come Together” to new heights (or lows?).

I’d relocate to Australia for one of these jobs!

This Belgian will probably cop an insanity plea.

Paris, I got your number.


  1. Good Morning FARfetched, I'd heard the Belgian story, but the others are new to me.

    And here's one I learned about from mister. It's so unbelivable, I looked it up myself. Sisters, 10 & 12 years old kidnap infant for ransom. There's video of the arrest.

    Have a happy Sunday. Give Mrs. Fetched my best wishes. And a big glass of water...


  2. Hi FAR ... Hope you're enjoying the quiet.

  3. Hi Olivia. How are things up north (dreaming of cooler temperatures)

  4. Wow, KB, that's stunning. You gotta wonder what kids that age are thinking to pull that kind of stunt. The baby's dad suggested a revenge motive, but whatever happened to TP'ing the house?

    Olivia, I *am* enjoying the quiet. Mrs. Fetched's mom & I made blackberry jelly (and jam) this afternoon. I came home to find J sitting in one of the lounge chairs like he never left. I'll have to get his story (and maybe post it).

  5. Anyone else have some weird-but-true stories?

  6. So you want to work for Durex, eh FAR?

    KB, you did have to go and scare me more about the current state of kids in the country...eeek! Never ceases to amaze and appall me what they are doing these days.

    Only weird but true story from around here of late (besides capturing the mantis yesterday) is that Queen Pepa (approximately) was a very bad girl last night. We were eating on the porch (grilled fat IA pork chops) and during a moment when C was out of the room, she ate the bones of the first consumed chop and proceeded to snarf an entire other uneaten one. Needless to say she was in the dog house last night... and it continues today as we have found, ahem, how to put this politely ... remnants several times today in various parts of the house. Grrr, she's not the favored pooch in the house today!

    Sweltering at 95 or so... such is an IA Sunday (hiding out indoors).

  7. I could go for a little quiet. Enjoy it while you can. Take good care of Mrs.Far.

  8. Morning FARfetched.

    The only odd thing I saw was a 70 y.o. woman was injured by a cop to came to her house to tell her to water her lawn.

    I hope they don’t do that here.

  9. That is one brave young woman in India. I like this generation of gutsy girls.

    I guess for some people the EU will be pronounced, Ew.

    No weird stories here. Yet. The day is young.

  10. IVG, I can relate. We forgot to close the garage door last night, and Cookie (lab mix who's extremely shy, won't even let me touch her unless I corner her) dragged out some trash. She likes to do that. As far as grilling goes, dogs are going to be dogs & I don't leave meat unattended where they can grab it. Hope those pork chops were good.

    Boran, hope you get some peace & quiet (and some relief from that poison ivy - sheesh!).

    FM, that's beyond weird. You'd think that in this day & age, especially with droughts out west, that they'd be commending this lady for not watering her garden! I certainly wouldn't be surprised if Mrs. Perry was black, and the local cops whitewash the investigation.

  11. Hi Nancy. Reality is stranger than fiction all too often, isn't it?

    Ms Chauhan is beautiful. her sartorial choices notwithstanding. I think if I were her husband, I'd tell my family to back off NOW. I'm sure if she got a divorce, she could move to America or Canada & find a guy who would treat her right. :-)

  12. In another installment of (Little) Girls Gone Wild

    When I was younger, girls usually wouldn't wig out until they were 13 or so. I can't think of many things scarier than a girl hitting puberty.

  13. The first thing I said when mister told me that story about the little girls kidnapping the baby was, "You couldn't put that in a book, no one would believe it."

    I was the one who looked up the video, but cause I didn't really believe it.

  14. Yeah, KB, I'd have to look that one up too.

  15. FM, I cringed when I read that article too ... seeing as how I have a large brown dirt patch in the centre of my front lawn ... I refuse to waster water on a lawn! But I don't want to go to jail either ... eek! :)

  16. Far, your brown-out stories are a revelation to people like me who've never had the experience. Yikes!!

    Has this happened in other summers (sorry if you've already explained, and I missed that)?

    Is it related to the drought (in some way other than high temperatures)?

    Since I do a lot of writing on my laptop in libraries, I have to ask. . .do libraries get their power shut down, too?


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