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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You

We had a rather enthusiastic thunderstorm come through last night. Plenty of noise, but we got to wondering whether there was actually going to be any rain.

While it was rumbling around, I knocked over a pile of stuff in the bedroom — various clothes and some other items that I’ve been meaning to move to the studio. I put away my clothes, stacked the kids’ in different piles for delivery, then stacked up the studio items. As I was carrying them through the living room: flashWHAMMMM!!!! and the power glitched. About three seconds later, the rain started. I figured since I was working at home today, I could take them out when I did some requested photography (battery packs, how exciting).

A few minutes later, Mrs. Fetched got a call from the renters: the power was out down there. She figured the transformer got whacked, then decided the chickens would be OK and went to bed.

This morning, her theory was confirmed. The power company called, said they were going to replace the transformer, and expect the power to go out “for about 45 minutes.” I had enough time to unplug stuff (although the laptops didn’t require a shutdown) although it seemed the power went out a little sooner than the 10 minutes they estimated. Oh well, it came back on sooner too. I just kept working, sans Internet, until it came back, then gave it a few minutes before plugging everything back in.

Was this karma?


  1. At least you weren't without power for too long.

  2. We've lost a lot of transformers in the neighborhood lately. But, not the one that governs our power. I know it must be coming though.

    I'm glad they took care of you so quickly.


  3. Hi guys!

    Fortunately, all they had to do was fix a transformer just down from us. I think Big V and our renters were blacked out all night & half the morning though.

    KB, if they're on the ball they'll let you know when they're about to pull the plug to do the repairs. I don't know if they'll give you enough time to do much about it, but they should at least give you the warning.

    Sheesh, I just finished typing up a first draft of another FAR Future episode… you can imagine how that's messing with my head. I guess I ought to post the next episode then go to bed. :-)


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