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Monday, July 02, 2007


Downburst aftermathI wimped out on taking the motorcycle this morning, using the need to carry a laptop as an excuse — so naturally, it didn’t rain much today. It’s misting a little bit right now, but yesterday about this time we were getting some seriously heavy weather. Several storms yesterday delivered downbursts here and there, uprooting a tree onto a highway, flattening this stand of corn about a mile from FAR Manor (it's clearer when you click-to-enlarge), and possibly jackknifing a “portable parking lot” truck in town.

Several of my pepper plants were bent over, as likely from the weight of the peppers as much as the wind. I’m propping them up and relieving them of their burden as best as I can. The bell peppers look very nice — I hope they’re as tasty as they look.


  1. Hi FAR.

    You did have some heavy rain it appears. We've been getting burst of rain all around us, but none here in about a week. They're predicting on Thursday we're supposed to have a temp. high of 101. Don't you just love summer.

    Snow dammit! Snow is what I want to see. :)

  2. Sad looking corn ya captured there FAR, and go making me jealous about the peppers! We'll be lucky to get any this year, as they've just not done well for us the past few years and I'm about to give up except on jalapenos and serranos. Still hoping for some rain here too, 50% chance here tonight but I'm not holding my breath b/c I don't look so great in blue.

    Has the bracelet come off yet? Are you one less person around the house now? I have not forgotten my promise to you, hehe.

  3. Hey FAR.

    We finally got a good thunderstorm down here. From the radar I think we're in between them. I wished I had waited to mow the lawn until tomorrow or the next day. When I did mow, it was like a dust storm all over the neighborhood. I'm sure some of the neighbors were cussing about the dust. :)

  4. Hooray, FM got rain! That probably settled the dust, right? I doubt the neighbors would complain about the dust anyway, since you got your yard neatened up.

    High of 101? Sheesh, it's only going to hit 90 here on Thursday. It was overcast most of the day today & I don't think it got out of the 70s. I could imagine you'd want to see snow with those kind of temps on the way.

    IVG, the jalapenos are so loaded with peppers it makes zucchini look stingy. But my mother-in-law has this local strain of green beans that she grows every once in a while — it has adapted to the climate here: it doesn't care about heat, it doesn't care about drought, it just makes a ton of copies. She'd planted some zucchini next to the green beans one year, and the zucchini died — I think of embarrassment.

    Oh, and thanks for the reminder. Yes, the bracelet came off yesterday. And I dropped him & his girlfriend off at her mom's house last night, after reminding him to take some clothes with him. With any luck, he'll stay there as long as it takes for him to get an apartment. You may fire when ready! (get video)

  5. Woo hoo, FAR! I can't promise video, since we don't have that capability, but we'll single out some ones for you and I'll let you know what they are and provide links!

    Still envious of your peppers... not going to get many of those this year, sigh.


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