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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bad Product Names

Bowl BlasterI happened to notice this sitting under the bathroom sink one night, as I was — oh, I have to say it! — doing my own bowl blaster.

Mrs. Fetched was the one who bought it. Me, I would have laughed heartily and left it on the supermarket shelf. On the other hand, it’s more fun seeing it at home.

I see at least three double-entendres on the label. Sing out, everyone, 'cause maybe there’s more!


  1. Not sure I follow your humor there bro? Now if it was called "Hole Blaster" then I could see some humor. BTW, that Kaboom stuff is really good, best toilet cleaner I've ever used.

  2. At least it doesn't say, "Bowel Blaster". Of course, there are days when...

  3. squinting I don't see it. But then, I've got a girl's sense of humor....

    (clearing my throat) FAR? did you get that invitation?

  4. Sounds like there won't be much left after that product is done working.

  5. That really caught my eye, FAR! Thanks for the hearty chuckle ... well, obviously aside from the main name (loved Rick's take on that!), 'foaming toilet' didn't sound very appealing either. I have heard that those Kaboom products are good, but never have tried them.

  6. I guess you had to be there, y'all.

    KB, yes, I got the invite. Just haven't had time to act on it. My free time yesterday came to: 30 minutes.


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