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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Flowers of FAR Manor: Thistle

To follow up on the alien onion, until I have something else to talk about, I will post pictures of the flowers currently blooming around FAR Manor this week.

ThistleThis thistle was actually in the pasture on the way to the chicken houses. It’s kind of like a rose — it has pretty flowers and nasty thorns — but as Mrs. Fetched puts it: “Cows won’t try to eat roses. They’ll eat thistles, and choke on ’em. You should have sprayed it after you took that picture.”

I suppose I could have peed on it.

[Taken with the smellphone, 5/31]


  1. FAR, thistles are beautiful things, but a real pain to eliminate, I'll admit. We let one go one year in our front garden, just for the blooms and the seeds for the goldfinches. We spent the next 2 years digging them up to get rid of them. IMHO, if this one's not in the way or threatening other more desirable plants, I'd let it go to feed the birds.

    Your call, of course, but shame on Mrs. Fetched for suggesting poison. (No disrespect intended!) Digging up the root (yes, more labor intensive) is just as effective. The only time we've ever used poison here is when we had some poison ivy that wouldn't go away.

    Being organic takes a lot more work, I'll admit, but some weeds are really beneficial in the long run (to wit, dandelions). Thistles, though, are a tough call. I say just dig 'em.... :-)

  2. Hey IVG, it's out in the pasture. Mrs. Fetched's parents aren't exactly the organic types. And if the thistle can hurt the cattle… well, it's got to go. If it's not too beastly hot tomorrow (it was today, so…) I might go out there & dig it up as a side trip while scouting out the blackberry thickets.


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