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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend Cinema

Welcome to Weekend Cinema, where you don’t need much time or any money to catch a flick!

This weekend’s selection is a little longer than usual, and I’m probably going to go to Basement Cat for laughing at it, but wotevr. Fire up your chat warez and check out the tale of two kids who got totally pwn3d by the starz: Romeo and Juliet (l33tsp33k tranzlation).


  1. Hilarious. Somehow I missed this version at the theaters. Leo looks so thin though. This is a celebrity diet gone wrong. Claire Danes however is her usual 2.5 pound self in stick figure form.

    Loved it, Far. Now where are my weekend pancakes that you were talking about at Nancy's?

  2. I made you a pancake… but I eated it.

    Oh hey… actually, there's some in the fridge. C'mon over and get 'em!


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