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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Flowers of FAR Manor: Lilies

Mrs. Fetched was pleased to see these guys blooming out front.

Like the rhodo’s, they don’t have much modesty, sticking their IBs out for all to see.

[Another smellphone shot, taken 6/1]


  1. That's a pretty good picture from a smellphone. I think we have some of those around the house, but I never pay attention to what flowers are out there unless they're in my way while I'm mowing. My sil has been know to plant flowers right in the middle of the yard and I've been know to mow them right down. Hopefully one day she'll get the message. :)

  2. LOL, I can see you doing that! Your sil needs to surround them with anything too big to run over with the mower, and they'll be safe then, right?

    Some of the wild blueberries/huckleberries are getting ripe around the place. Looks like we might have blueberry pancakes Saturday morning!

  3. Nice photo for a cellphone, Far. And nice flowers. We've got some, I don't do anything for them and yet they keep coming back.

  4. Yeah, Boran, the lilies here are just short of weeds. If I mow 'em down, they come right back up, and they spread.

  5. Hi FAR and everyone.

    Just popping in to say a quick hello before my battery and my internet conk out on me ... :D

    Lovely lilies FAR. Looks like I've got some reading to catch up on when I get back. :)

  6. Not bad for a smellphone, FAR! I can see you're a lot farther along than we are out here, though there should be lilies soon. (Just not in our garden) The peonies just started their show yesterday, just in time for all the rain and severe weather we're having this week.

    How's that allium turning out for you? Is it vaguely purple or just dirty white?

  7. Olivia! How's things? Yup, plenty of reading — and FM's back too!

    Thanks, IVG. The peonies are about done here. Mrs. Fetched staked hers up… do you do that?

    The allium is vaguely purple, still, but progressing. I'm hoping it's that Giganteum you mentioned; the bloom balls look to be 3 inches across so maybe!!!


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