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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend Cinema: The Boy, in Concert

Welcome back to Weekend Cinema, where the time is short, movies are free, and you decide how entertaining it all is!

This time, we’re making an homage to Woodstock, with a home-grown concert video… but not just any concert. This is The Boy’s first performance with Ether, a local-ish punk rock band. Here they are: Ether at Gardner Lake (rather huge, sorry about the bandwidth issues for the dialup folks). The lyrics are… well, not suitable. But I know a lot of the regular readers don’t care too much about that.

The Boy is the one farthest from the camera, wearing white & playing the bass. I stood where I did because that’s where the lighting was best.


  1. FAR, well that was fun! Honestly, they're a LOT better than I expected, given your previous accounts of the garage band practice events at the Manor. Funny how younger punk bands seem to like to include the word 'ether' in their names ... when I taught down in FL, I had a couple of students (good ones!) who were in a band they called 'The Ether Mice." Hmmm... Alfred Jarry would have been proud!

    They kind of reminded me of 2 bands I liked a lot back in the early 80's ... The Minutemen and the earlier Meat Puppets. Also, Killdozer, which was a Madison band who I actually knew socially (as well as for going to their shows). Would be interested to see what those guys' formative bands were. Could be illuminating, hehe. (Of course if you looked at my collection from over the years to now, it would reveal several quite odd contradictions ... who am I to talk?! :-)

  2. Oops, I forgot ... loved the moment where the dog wanders on stage and is shooed away... that looked like it was on someone's deck or was there a structure behind them?

  3. Hiya FAR and IVG.

    I've never been much into punk rock, but I agree with IVG that they were better than I expected. Oh and there was no worry on the lyrics since I didn't understand a word they were singing. :)

  4. I usually enjoy bawdy/inappropriate lyrics but like FM I couldn't understand most of them. As a punk fan (I used to play bass too) from way back, I'm used to that. :) I agree with IVG, though, they do call to mind bands like the Minutemen and the Meat Puppets.

  5. Hey all!

    IVG, yes, you got it. This place belongs to an old hippie type (I believe he was the guy at the beginning of the video introducing the band). He lets people come out and play music, listen, camp out, swim in the lake, whatever. Their stage is his back porch, the house is what's behind it.

    FM, Jen, I know what you mean about not understanding a word. Whoever put the sound system together did it wrong & the mikes just didn't have enough punch. The band following Ether brought their own sound system, and having played this venue before, insisted on using it. Alex said they brought theirs too, but were told they wouldn't need it. Live & learn I guess.

    They're playing in town on July 4, so maybe I'll get some better video for them then. And maybe they'll have better audio. I'll pass on the kudos.

  6. Hi Far. Congratulations to The Boy! Honestly, I couldn't understand much of the lyrics but it looks like it was a cool show.

  7. FAR, fun vid. Reminds me of several of the garage bands I used to hang out with...oh, more years ago than I care to think about.

    Amused me that the "not safe" lyrics = nothing much new. Funny how each generation seems to think they invented raw lyrics. ::g::

  8. Boran, it was a nice outing. Mrs. Fetched wasn't really into the music they were playing, and wanted to leave just when a band that would have suited her was starting up, but someone told her the driveway was nearly blocked & she panicked. :-P

    Maria, yeah, the lyrics are nothing new… but as I've told The Boy, they loose their punch with overuse. I saw on Twitter that you get a MacBook Air… drooool!

  9. Those damn kids and their crazy rock-n-roll music, they're going to ruin the world!!!


  10. LOL Solar!

    I've never been a punk fan, but from what I've heard they definitely sound the part.


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