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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

TB01? Again?

Maybe. Maybe.

The Boy was late coming in last night, since his new band suddenly landed a gig for this weekend and they wanted him to go over some of the songs (they thought they were going to have some time since their next scheduled gig was the 14th). Mrs. Fetched was a little cranked about the situation, especially since she needed to go over some financial issues (insurance, license plate, phone) with him before bedtime. Fortunately, he had to come by the manor before going to practice anyway, probably to grab the bass guitar, and he agreed to come in and hear/discuss the situation.

As they were wrapping up (as usual, I was mostly an observer), he dropped some news: “Oh. Me and [two band members] and [other friends] are going to rent a house in town together, starting this weekend. I can walk to school.”

This could actually work out, since he has a job (landscaping, J got him on) that doesn’t have a problem working around his classes and pays reasonably well for the skill levels involved. It would also solve the Snippet problem; she’s been bouncing around and ended up here a couple nights. Funny: he told her today that she needed to stop dinking around and get a job. She’s helping Big V with her horses at the moment, but that pays in rides.

So things could once again get a little quiet around here. Sasquatch comes by pretty often, but he’s here as much to help with the chickens as to see Daughter Dearest… or maybe the one gets him the other. He’s also quiet (except when he’s being klutzy) and not looking for trouble.


  1. I'm telling you Far, a turnstyle is the way to go. ;-)

  2. Hiya FAR.

    I agree with Boran that a revolving door would be good. It would save a lot of slammed doors and be much more quieter. Of course you'd have to hire a doorman to be at the door. You know like you see at the fancy NYC hotels.

    Who knows, maybe it will work out this time. I sure hope so for yours and Mrs. Fetched sake.

  3. Nah, B2, I want a revolving door!

  4. Woo hoo, simul-post with FM! Hey, are you available for the doorman post? Sounds like a slackerly job to me.

  5. I think I would be a great doorman. Of course that is only if you have a recliner by the door and a cold beer on a table near by.

  6. But of course, FM… that's just a civilized way of going about it!

  7. Hmmm........ The Boy moving out and getting his act together. Is this a summer time "re-run" of Tales of Far Manor? I think I've heard this one before, and before, and before, and before........


  8. FAR, have you considered issuing (pre-paid) tokens or monthly passes? Sounds like you need some kind of way to make that turnstyle/revolving door pay off some way?

    Just my curmudgeonly opinion, such as it is ...

  9. Hey Solar-bro! I never said he's getting his act together. In fact… go check out today's post. Mrs. Fetched told him that if he leaves, he's not coming back, so I hope she means it.

    IVG, after he's gone this time, I'm converting "his" bedroom into a library. Then he can get a library pass to visit. :-D


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