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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flowers of FAR Manor: Allium (and a random road weed, and other stuff)

The allium is continuing to tantalize us with a verrrrry slow opening. But the color is looking nicer all the time. Given the size of the clusters — the largest is bigger than a baseball now — it could well be a Giganteum as IVG was hoping.

I ended up staking the thing because it was looked close to falling over — like I said before, the tallest one stands close to 6 feet tall, and the clusters are getting huge and heavy. It still has an onion/garlic smell.

Daughter Dearest is officially an international beauty — a guy came all the way from Norway (Norway!!!) to see her. He was happy to find that my old Mac G3 had Linux lurking on a partition somewhere, and immediately hooked up to the cluster (he said) under his bed back home. I’m having a great time driving DD nutz by describing him as “some guy she picked up on the Internet.” >8-} He doesn’t like MacOS, but at least he’s not a Doze-nut. I can live with that.

And finally:

Campaign signThis roadside weed caught my eye. The perfect campaign slogan immediately (and I mean immediately) came to mind: Republican Light — screwing a third less poor people than our regular Republican!

Such is Historic Forsyth Country these days. Be goplet or be gone.


  1. Far, you gotta keep one of those signs. That is just too funny.

    That's a great looking flower.

    Good luck with your guest.

  2. Anon, got it, agree, and I've deleted your msg as requested.

  3. Boran, I might grab one after the elections. I think the primary is in August. Maybe I could scan it & doctor it up a bit in Photoslobber?

  4. Hey FAR (this is IVG's evil twin),

    That's a great sign, I'm w/B2 on that one. I had to look hard to even find her name!

    That's definitely not a giganteum, given the coloring and size. This looks pretty much pale pink, which is not an unheard of color in alliums. Still, it's very cool, you got a winner there!

  5. Apologies FAR- (if my previous comments have been stricken from the record, please advise so I don't make the same mistake) I do enjoy your blog.

  6. Hi Jeff, and welcome to the free-range insane asylum! I think the evening lighting fubar'ed the shot; to me the cluster looks purplish IRL. But whatever it is, come fall it's getting dug up & transplanted somewhere less hidden.

    Anon, no problem. You asked me to delete your first comment, so I did. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it here.

    Arlene, thanks. Or thank Darla. I've gotten a good laugh out of it. The same county also features a guy named Jim Boff who's running for a commissioner spot. But neither one holds a candle to this guy!

  7. screwing a third less poor people than our regular Republican

    So funny.

  8. Hiya FAR.

    Cool flower and sign. I agree, you need to get a copy of it.

  9. Hey Jen & FM. Glad y'all liked it!

  10. (waving sleepily)

    Hi FAR, that's funny -- all the signs. I love hearing about the visitors to the manor.

  11. LOL FAR ... that is funny. Repub light ... heh.

    Baseball-sized allium - wow. That is wild! :)

  12. Hi KB, I'll be tapping up a little more about the guy over the weekend. DD was laughing quite a bit about something last night while playing Kshisen on my G3.

    Olivia, yeah this thing is huge. One of the stalks is 6 feet high. The others do some interesting bends and loops, or they'd be about that high too. It's starting to open up, so maybe I'll have a full-bloom shot next week.


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