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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Getting a Little Behind

…unfortunately, just in my reading. :-P

I have in my queue, in order:

July 2008 issue of Asimov’s

Kelly McCullough’s CodeSpell (3rd book; WebMage and Cybermancy are fantastic, go get ’em if you haven’t already)

A double-preview booklet: one side is Maria Lima’s Blood Bargain (the sequel to Matters of the Blood, which was pretty darn good even if it’s half romance :-) — the other side is a preview of Brimstone Kiss by Carole Nelson Douglas (new author to me). If you could judge a book by its cover, I’d be… well, never mind what I’d be doing.

And that’s just pleasure reading. For work, I have a 180-page spec and an article about DITA to read. The latter is sort of optional; consultants (who make big $$$ off support packages for complex XML systems) think it’s the Second Coming of Something or Other but I don’t see what it can do that I can’t do at least as well with groff and some scripts.

And… I have a FAR Future episode to get done this week. Read or write? Tough decision sometimes.


  1. I just bought Codespell, currently enjoying Cybermancy. Nice list, Far.

  2. Hiya FAR.

    I can see I have a lot of reading to do to catch up on all that you've written. Things here are starting to level out some and summer has hit full force. 97F heat index yesterday.

    Anyway I'm back and I'm hoping you and the family are doing fine.

    See ya later.

  3. Hey all! Well, I got the spec out of the way this afternoon (among other work-related things). The spec review is tomorrow, so I'll be ready for that.

    Boran, are you laughing through those books as much as I did? Lots of geeky in-jokes there.

    FM, I was just by your place to tell you I'm glad you're back. It hit 90 here today & will do it again the rest of the week. June, Georgia, 90 degrees… it's like a single object.

  4. Hi FAR, Thanks for the reading list. I'm 3 weeks away from my permanent vacation, so I'm making a list.

    Eat4Today is on hiatus while I figure out where I want to move it. I hate that TypePad so much I could spit. I can't even bear to log in anymore.

    I guess it's back to WordPress....

    Hi Boran & FamilyMan!


  5. Hey KB! I can imagine your issues… we call it "TypoPad" on Kunstler's blog, and wrestle with its idiotsyncrasies all the time. And he regularly gets hundreds of comments per post, although most of it is a cadre of regulars.

  6. Dang! I meant to pick up the Maria Lima book -- I'll have to do that next week. I did get Kelly's book.

    I'm collecting them for July....


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