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Friday, October 12, 2007

Love those headlines

The only thing I can say about this is: I can relate.


  1. Hey Far! Great article! Think us humans will get the hint? ha! BNB, is Bull not Bull. com. by Michael Nystrom. The debate, which Sharon and John really never, became apart of (eliminated in the first round, of sort), was between my vision and another's who is just now posting on John's site....Stick around there! This person(s), just infatuated Sharon, (who has absolutely no feasible vision of the future, either in the short term or long term). This is why, I'm never over there. John, wisely would have absoulutely no part of her,(them), being totally outmatched in every category conceievable. This person(s), I've got the utmost admiration for.....Even though we don't see "eye to eye" about the near futre. I repeat the near future...This is where John falls short...... He may be holding back, however, if you have something to say, say it! Not in terms of 50 years in the future or 100 or 150...................

    That being said, this personality and I agree on so many things, timeline, population decline, so-on... Revelant? What could 50 years in the future mean to you?
    Rest assured, "where" I'll be taking you is just around the corner..."an apocalyspe now", that is for you to decide.........

    Thanks yooper.

  2. Thanks for the belly laugh du jour, FAR! I read that article the other day but had no clue what you had linked to till I got there! I'm still smiling, lol. I read in one of your previous posts that fall is upon you ...which means I better get busy gathering those seeds for you! I may be tardy, but will get them to you before the snow flies so Mrs. Fetched can be impressed w/you in the spring when they come up.

    I've been going through the VHS mines of late to get rid of a bunch of movies and have been fondly sighing over some of my sci-fi titles and Vincent Price stuff. If you get TCM on cable/satellite, they're doing a lot of great stuff for Halloween... Tonight was Wm. Castle stuff, so you can bet I recorded The Tingler ... one of my all time faves, and if you haven't seen it, look for it! You'd love it, I'm sure!

    Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can, and happy birthday to DD! She shares the day with my sister (who is far past 18, lol. Glad she'll never see this comment, hehe.)

  3. I wouldn't say I'm at 80 million years, but it's close. :)

    Have a good weekend and B'day party.

  4. Hi guys!

    Yooper, thanks for the clarification. I'll check it out if I get a chance (little busy this weekend though).

    IVG, you know where email me for snail addresses, right? FARfetched58 at aim etc. etc.? Speaking of movies, I want to run an idea by you, so gimme a shout...

    FM, it wasn't 80 million years, it just felt that way. :-P

    Hey O! I thought it would be fun....


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