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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weekend Cinema

Since it’s still October out there, we’re continuing to highlight free, feature-length horror flicks!

I remember when Night of the Living Dead first came out, when I was maybe 9. They must have had a pretty aggressive radio buy, because I can still remember that hollow deep voice from the ads: “Night—” eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! “of the Living Dead.”

All of these movies have a low-bandwidth streaming version for people on dialup, if you don’t mind a tiny screen. The streams and download links are on the left side of the page.

Let’s hear that screamer one more time. “Night—” eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! “of the Living Dead.” (Heh, I have to laugh whenever I remember that.)


  1. Hi FAR ... hope you're having a happy bday day ...

    I've got the movie going now, and I'm thinking how weird it is that we're watching b&w technology this way ... the times sure do change ... think I may have seen this on teevee a long time ago, back when teevees had dial knobs on them ... :D

  2. That should be, you're ALL having a happy bday day at FAR Manor.

  3. Hey O! Yup, we're having a good time. I'll have some pictures (and video) up shortly. ;-)


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