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Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Saturday To-do List

OK, here’s what’s on my plate today. Stuff I’ve got done is crossed off.

Get a new tire for Daughter Dearest’s car (also got one for Mrs. Fetched‘s)
Check out the lead I had on some scaffolding (didn’t pan out)
Change out the water filters
Sharpen the hatchet
Clean out the rain gutter on Studio FAR (rain gutters make great compost, don’t they?)
Help Mrs. Fetched plant some flower bulbs (that was her idea, btw)
Pick up trash in the back yard (and along the road, found a bunch of old bottles)
Weed-eating (almost didn’t happen, the weed-eater flooded out)
Call my cousin in Florida to wish him happy birthday

Hm… all done. I guess I get to enjoy the rest of the day!


  1. THIS was an excellent day, wasn't it? I wonder if I've ever seen a list with every item crossed off before?


  2. Hi again FAR and KB.

    One thing I've learned when it concerns household chores is I'm not going to make a list. It just doesn't mix with a slackerly lifestyle.

    Glad you got yours done though.

    Hope your w/e has been going good.

  3. Hi guys!

    KB, I've finished a couple of lists. It's a good feeling to cross off that last item.

    FM, the list is essential at FAR Manor: I'd rather make my own list than have one made for me. If I can show Mrs. Fetched a list of things I hope to accomplish, it can keep me out of the chicken houses.

    I spent most of this afternoon with my own rels (or in-laws, actually). I saw an iPhone "in the wild" for the first time, in the hands of my niece, and got to play with it a little bit. Mrs. Fetched's eldest sister has her own business, and thus can afford trinkets like that… the screen is incredibly clear; I could read like 4pt type on it. But next time I'm in the AT&T store, I'm going to leave this pic on the demo.

  4. Wow, Far! What a beautiful cat!

    Love the captioning, too.

  5. Hey Ghost. I've found LOLcats, especially the mangled English in the captions, to be a guilty pleasure....


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