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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Trim work, in a nutshell

Working under the “picture’s worth a thousand words” theory, I threw together a little composite image of the current FAR Manor maintenance project to show you what I’m up to. From left to right, you can see: trim with peeling paint, trim that’s been partially scraped, and finally re-painted trim. The latter needs another coat, in my opinion. This is just the part above the garage; I haven't even started on the part above our bedroom (which needs to be replaced, not repainted).

Using a ladder means the work is going pretty slow at the moment. I scrape what I can reach, then paint it. I ran out of time before finishing the paint part; with any luck, I can get a little time in through the week and try to finish this weekend. I might try laying on the roof, reaching over, and scraping that way — it might be less hassle than the ladder, but it will probably not be very comfortable.

Scaffolding. I need scaffolding. Actually, I don’t need the scaffolding until Saturday. Right now, I sure could go for a beer. Too bad I’m out.


  1. Sending virtual beers your way, FAR. I did a painting job on a ladder years ago - it was a nightmare. Paint in my hair, paint in my eyes, climbing up and down and up and down, reaching too far and risking falling off the ladder, balancing the paint and the brush and the rag and me on top of that VERY VERY VERY tall ladder, and not looking down...I don't envy you at all. Hope it's done soon - and I hope you get into town for beer before you start again! Be safe -

  2. Hiya FAR.

    What Beth said.

    The guy that does our plumbing and electrical work fell of a ladder last year. It really messed him up. He was in Intensive Care for about six weeks. So you be careful.

    Tell ya what. I'll share a couple dozen virtual beers with you.

    Slack when possible.

  3. Hey folks! Thanks for the virtual beers!

    So Beth, you can relate, huh? I've so far managed to keep the paint out of my hair, and I wear chicken house clothes for painting so it doesn't matter if they get splattered.

    FM, the father of J & the Evil Twins fell off a roof a few years ago & broke his back (neck?). On good days, he can get around with a cane, but he's constantly on some pretty strong pain meds. So yeah, I'm not only careful on the ladder, I'm trying to program myself to jump out if I start falling... I'd rather break a leg than my neck or skull.

    I may have a lead on some scaffolding. Will know more tonight....

  4. Good luck with this project, Far. If you ever decide to make the switch, I highly recommend the aluminum trim they have now.

  5. Hey FAR! I'd like to send ya a virtual beer too! Got a little project, eh? I just finished one, just painted the old (50-75 yrs?) tin roofing I salvaged from a couple of barns...The barn wood exterior of my house came from three hugh barns! All the timbers,(interior) were hand honed, at least 75 years old..You'd really like it, I'm sure. Heck, even part of the deck was an old ramp, ha!

    Just finished reading all three sceniaros from Far Manor 2058! Excellent! FAR, just superb! Really like your descriptions.

    Hope, Old Guy's ammo, is still good...My experience of shooting old ammo has been very disappointing. I've literally have had shot roll out of the barrel of old shot shells and "spraying" rifle rounds...not accurate. I've enough black powder to last until dooms day...This will be worth, way more than gold.........The weapons themselves are much more simplier, less breakage..more durable.

    As you know, I was never permitted to think beyond, and to see these future sceniaros after "the fall" is simply fascinating to me....

    The methane gas coming from the "digester", is very interesting. One of my instructors, went on and on about if we could only contain methane gas.. At the time, we thought he was full of shit.

    Most of all, you're thoughts about the main populace gathering around the Great Lakes, I would think is practical. It takes "clean" water to maintain our bodies, without it, we're dead in three days, it's just that simple.....

    The part that intrigued me the most, was your idea of ghosts. When the boy was comunicating with you and Mrs. FAR...Far, do you believe in ghosts or spirits?

    Thanks, yooper.

  6. Hi guys....

    Boran, the aluminum trim is an interesting thought. The only negative I can see at the moment is how it would look with some wood & some aluminum. The trim that's hardest to reach, fortunately, is in no need of attention at the moment.

    Yooper, your house is probably beautiful. You have any pix online? And three barns? How big is that house? (or are UP barns a lot smaller than in southwest LP?)

    I'm glad you liked the stories. I'd figured that Old Guy has access to a reloading kit — given the chaos of the previous 50 years, care and feeding of firearms would have been a priority. And after a few months of reflection, I think it's the second vision (Old Guy's world) that intrigues me the most. To be honest, I haven’t decided whether I believe in ghosts… at least in the classic sense of a detached human spirit. I have experienced things, and Mrs. Fetched more so, that I can't easily explain by natural processes. Old Guy's ghosts could have been in his head or in the house — I'll let each reader decide which. :-) But you won't find many people in the "Crash and Burn" world that don't believe.

    As for methane, the (very low) technology is already widely used in India: Google for "gobar gas." (Full of shit, LOL… he was a methane source himself?)

  7. Hello FAR, my pc skills, leaves much to be desired.....Perhaps, I'd send a pic, if I could figure it out....

    Since I was a young child, perhaps I was more atuned to the spititual world than the average bear. For years, I've dismissed this as "figments" of my imagination. Especially so, after one puts some distance and time from civilization....To decipher what is real and what is not, takes "practice" and special circumstances... Old Guy's ghosts could have been in his head OR in the house, exactly.

    I've encountered such "places" where spirits dwell. One place is so strong, even my dog heard, these voices. At that point, I "realized", I could no longer dismiss these experiences as not being real, there.

    Perhaps, I'll relate this little story to you and your readers later. It's a place, I'd very much like to take someone like JMG too..Such a place, tests men's heart, mind and soul....

    Thanks, yooper.


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