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Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Weekend Roundup

Earlier in the week, The Register coughed up a rather interesting article. I had a good laugh, then was inspired (if that’s the word) to write a poem on the subject. I decided that Asimov’s might print it, so I let it sit for a few days, made a few tweaks, and got it in the mail (before I lost my nerve). On the way back from the post office, it occurred to me that I ought to revamp the Crash and Burn story for a wider audience, and send that in too. I’ll tackle that this week. If nothing else, I’ll have a rejection letter or two I can tack to the wall in Studio FAR and give the finger to each time I go in there to write.

The septic tank is starting to get full again. At least it went almost a year this time. Mrs. Fetched is going to call the kaka-pumper tomorrow. I’m thinking of re-routing all the non-toilet drains to a garden area… we can use the water twice and that should take the load off the septic tank. Seeing how much cut basil and other herbs cost in the supermarket, a small herb farm might be a pretty decent way to put some of our acreage to use.

With more rain coming in tomorrow, and possibly staying on through most of the week (hooraayyyyyy!!!) I figured I’d better put new wiper blades on the Civic. Then I got tired of looking at the dangling windshield washers, which broke off when The Boy put it in a ditch last year, and got some new ones. Of course, I snapped off a stem when bolting it down, so I took them off and exchanged them this afternoon. Actually, I like the new ones better anyway. Finally, I got the idle adjusted (it was way too low). So now I’m ready to drive in the rain.

The homebrew is starting to mature. Maybe another week. But I need alcohol now

UPDATES: I can’t believe I forgot these.

This video (“Slam” by Pendulum) was one of the funniest things I saw all week. The music is wicked good too, if you like drum&bass. The album is on iTunes, so if I can’t find it at the store I’ll be grabbing this one for sure.

The in-laws have a muscadine vine that climbs really high. Like 12 feet. I grabbed their big stepladder & got a gallon or so. They have red & white ones growing together; the white ones are little sweeter but the reds are more numerous and have a bit more complex flavor. Muscadines are like the sunflower seeds of fruit: you do a lot of spitting (skins are tough and bitter, and they have seeds) so it’s definitely an outdoor snack. I spent a little quality time out front distributing seeds and skins around the edge of the dropoff to the road.


  1. Oh, FAR - I'm sorry. I keep forgetting about that aspect of getting out of the suburbs.

    Did it really cost $3000 to fix everything last year?

  2. We never went into the field lines, so the $3000 never got spent. Like we had it in the first place. :-)

  3. Hi FAR.

    Sorry to hear the tank is at its peak again. That sounds like a good idea on re-routing all the non-toilet drains. Sounds like a lot of work though.

    Glad you're getting rain. We're supposed to get a couple of day, but I'll wait and see.

    I say you should be testing the homebrew a week ahead of time. At least one or a dozen. :)

  4. I agree with FamilyMan. The beer HAS to be tested soon.

  5. Kaka-pumper - I like that term! So much more descriptive than - well, than whatever they call themselves. Life in the country has its ups and downs...gray water rerouting might help, indeed.

    At least you know where your tank is...I lived in a lake cottage my boyfriend's parents owned, and someone had built an addition onto the house...right over the tank. I'm glad it wasn't MY house!

    I agree on checking out the brew early...

  6. A new chapter below, yay! I apologize for not being over here much lately, but there was a video post that STILL brings up two pop-ups that I have to get rid of every time. Oh, princess and the pea, that's me.

  7. Morning everyone!

    FM, KB, Beth, I did check it last night. The taste is improving, but the fizz is still a bit sleepy. I turned the bottles and will let them sit for a few more days.

    Nancy, the popups are probably asking about Quicktime? Anyway, I can change it into a link so it stops doing that. To tell the truth, I've been thinking about making that change anyway since on my computer it fires up the video every time I hit the top page. (I could probably add an "autoplay=0" attribute but that might not stop the popups.)

  8. I just added a couple of things I forgot about for some reason....

  9. LOL FAR, the video was funny. I would have loved to see the look on all the people who just walked up on that.

    The uncle I was named after had numerous muscadine vines, and I remember he made wine and a jam from them. Never got to taste the wine since I was too young, but the jam was good. BTW thanks, this brought back some good memories of eating muscadines from those vines.

  10. Hey FM, glad you enjoyed that video too!

    Those muscadines are really sweet this year, in spite of the drought. The in-laws told me to just take a cutting and plant it where I want it, so I'll have to do that. I think I'll get a proper arbor set up, though, so I don't need a ladder to get them.

    (Oh my... The Boy just walked in as I was typing, after being gone alllll weekend.)

  11. The Boy just walked in? Didn't know he has been gone a week. I guess the show continues. ;)

  12. Sorry you've got so much poop there at Far Manor, something you have in common with 1600 Pennsylvania Ave I guess. ;-)

  13. Hey guys.

    FM, it was all weekend, not the whole week. Fortunately. I assume he got a ride home, because it's been pouring rain here this evening & he's not trailing a puddle behind him....

    B2, a year ago we had a bunch of extra people living here & I think it overloaded the system. Mrs. Fetched says the guy who built this place was notorious for cutting corners, so he probably put in as minimal a system as he could. (Which begs the question: if she knew that, why was she so hot to buy this freeking place?)

  14. Thank you, far!!!

    And yay for the rain!


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