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Friday, October 19, 2007

Weekend Cinema (October horror continues!)

Long ago, CATV brought wonders of programming that we didn’t get on the Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo stations — like the South Bend UHF station that ran the “Double Creature Feature” on Saturday nights. The Screaming Skull was one of the scarier movies they showed — so it seemed at the time. Looking at the description, I wasn’t even sure it was the same movie until the first scene… nobody ever got that hokey before or since…

Enjoy! I recommend a fine wine, perhaps Thunderbird or Mad Dog 20/20, to go with this cinematic cheese.


  1. Hiya FAR.

    You know I've got both those movie site you talked about bookmarked. I just can't seem to get into a movie when it's that small of a viewing area. I wish I could figure out how to enlarge it. Any ideas?

  2. I commend your fine cinematic tastes.

  3. I keep meaning to grab one of those movies. THANK you for keeping that site alive for us.

  4. Hey guys, glad you're enjoying it....

    Fam, on the left side of any archive.org video page, there's a list of links for different sizes & formats. Try downloading the 256K MPEG4 format under the "Play/Download" section; those tend to be fairly decent quality. If your video player doesn't let you enlarge the video while playing, download Quicktime for Windows & use that.

    If you can let the download run for a while (they're like 2-3GB), grab the MPEG2 version. MPEG-2 is the format they use for DVDs.


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