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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Rainy Night on Planet Georgia

…with a pretty good chance it’s going to do this all week. Here’s hoping SoCal gets some really soon.

We went to video Daughter Dearest’s chorus (and two other choirs) tonight; the occasion being a 150th anniversary commemoration for the county. Good thing I worked at home today, because we had to get there before 6 and I often don’t leave the office before then.

We’ve learned that the best place for shooting video in the school is up above the crowd. Fortunately, the front office is like a building within the building, and we can haul our cameras up on the (inside) roof to do our dirty work. Nobody walking in front of us (haven’t seen anyone levitating, anyway), but we still pick up the babies squawking. If and when we shake out some extra money, I have a shopping list for audio equipment.

Mrs. Fetched asked me to get crowd shots toward the end of each song. I’m looking forward to seeing her reaction when she sees the closeup of the young woman who ate a piece of dessert, then showed it to her little brother.


  1. If You be post some video of the event I'll go steal some bandwidth from my neighbor's router. (My dial up, improved over the days of old, just doesn't cut it.)

  2. Hiya FAR and Boran.

    I agree with Boran. Smack it on the net and lets see the celebration. Actually I'll be looking forward to seeing the young lady showing her younger brother the fruits of her mastication. :)

  3. LOL FM!

    Hiya FAR ... adding my name to the wanna-see-it! list ... :)

    Guess that levitating dude from the white house wasn't in attendance. (Did you catch that -- was on Keith Olbermann's show the other night lol)

  4. Hi FAR -- count me as one more waiting to see the show.

  5. I think it's unanimous! Yay for rainy days - and nights. We had a downpour in the middle of the night - wish it had gone to CA, NC, GA - somewhere that needs it.

  6. LOL, sure! It probably won't be tonight, but I'll try to snarf the tape & clip the "good" part out.

  7. it's those candid shots that reveal! you'll be spotting neat stuff for years. hehehe


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