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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Writing, Music, Movies

If you’re following my Twitter feed, you saw that Asimov’s rejected my poem. There were a couple of odd aspects: it arrived about 3 weeks before I expected, and it sure doesn’t look like a form letter (which the submission guidelines led me to expect) — it was signed by hand, or at least with a machine (you can see the indent on the back), instead of the signature being printed. If it’s in fact a form letter, it’s extremely well-done. Kind of makes it hard to follow my original strategy of nailing it to the wall & giving it the finger when I sit down to write. I’m seeing mixed signals, and am probably putting too much effort into interpreting things: but the quick turnaround suggested it got whacked pretty quick, while the letter’s content suggested it might have breached the slush pile but got cut in the second round. Meh. I’ll just move on.

Speaking of moving on, I finished the “Crash and Burn” edit, which now has the working title “Old Guy” (“Road Trip 2058” left me clammy). I printed it out last night and handed it to The Boy. He’s looking through it slowly, but likes what he sees so far. Will he figure out that Old Guy is him at age 70? There are plenty of hints in the story. If he has any thoughts for improvement, I’ll make them if I agree, then let it age for a month or so. I know of a couple of things that need to be smoothed out, but I just can’t figure out how to do it yet.

We were out and about over the weekend, and I picked up Family Force 5’s “Business Up Front/Party in the Back [Diamond Edition]” CD. This is one of the bands they play on TheBlast.FM, and they’re from suburban Atlanta. It’s an odd rap/metal/techno fusion, with a bit of Christian influence, turned up to 11. This is music to dance by, not to write by, and I get a big grin out of it (if not LOL outright at tracks like “Drama Queen”). The Boy would probably enjoy it as well; he likes Skillet, who is on the same label (Gotee) as FF5 and will be my next CD purchase (“Comatose”). If you want to hear some of their stuff, they have a MySpace page (of course they do, what musicians don’t these days?), and freegotee.com has some downloads if you sign up.

Last night was going to be dedicated to finishing the next episode of FAR Future, but Mrs. Fetched started faux-whining about not having anyone to watch “We Are Marshall” with her until I gave up. I pointed out that the last two times I tried to watch a movie at the manor, the phone rang, it was for me, and the girls continued to watch the movie without me… and I really wasn’t in the mood to watch just half of yet another movie. She promised to let the phone ring w/o answering it — although when it did ring, The Boy answered it instead. Fortunately, it was for her, and she paused the movie (and that’s when I printed out the story and gave it to The Boy). As for the movie, it’s very familiar territory if you’ve seen “Remember the Titans” — replace a high school going through integration pains in the 60s with a small college trying to rebuild after a plane crash killed the team and the entire athletic department in the 70s, and go from there. Marshall didn’t have a miracle season (it was based on a true story), but the movie ends on a high note with their first win.

I’ll try to wrap up the FAR Future episode and post it tomorrow night. Here’s a teaser: for the first time, a FAR Future episode includes a graphic. It’s going to be a little scary too, even if it isn’t about Hallowe’en. Speaking of which, Daughter Dearest is out trick-or-treating (at age 18, shameless :-). Here’s hoping you have a safe and fun night!


  1. Hi FAR, I know you'll break through eventually. I'm glad you're not letting that letter get you down.

    That story of the sports team is interesting. I want to see the movie sometime. Not long after we moved here the Wichita State football team was killed in a plane crash. Here's an ESPN story about it & other tragedies.

  2. Thanks, KB. Yup, I'll get there. BTW, there were no edits on the manuscript.

    Oh, I also ordered Kelly's books on the way home. They should be in first thing next week, but there's an outside chance they'll get in Friday or Saturday.

  3. I know you'll enjoy Kelly's books. My only complaint is that there are only two -- Now I've got to wait for the next one.

  4. Hey Far,

    Congratulations on that first fiction reject. I mean that very sincerely. Rejection hurts but I view it as a badge of honor.

    You decided to write the poem. You started. You finished. And then you took the hardest step-sending it out. That puts you worlds ahead of most folks who want to write. You rock!

    You might want to try Weird Tales with it next if it's fantasy. Good luck with the ongoing submission process.

    P.S. I hope you enjoy the books.

  5. Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping by & for the Weird Tales suggestion. Do they have a copy of their submission guidelines online?

    I hope I enjoy the books too. From what I've heard, they should suit my tastes just fine. :-)

  6. Hey Far,

    My pleasure.

    Here's their website:


    They've got a link to the short version of the guidelines as well as a PDF on submission in general by George Scithers which might well be worth a read. George is great and has been in the F&SF business for almost as long as there's been a business to be in.

  7. Thanks for the links! Scithers makes the submission process seem almost entertaining....


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