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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ye Olde Placeholder

Not a whole lot going on at the manor tonight (or most of the week). I’ve been putting a fair amount of work into two of three personal writing projects instead.

As usual, I came home tonight to no supper — less usual, no Mrs. Fetched or Daughter Dearest either. Or The Boy, for that matter. At least he left a note about where he was (fishing at the pond). M.A.E. called shortly thereafter; she and her boyfriend were down at the pond with The Boy. She’s nine weeks along now, and has signed up for (and got) WIC and Medicaid. They came by, chatted for a while, then left. The Boy is making music with Cousin Splat and another friend. Then the girls showed up with supper — hooray! — but missed M.A.E. by not much.

The low tonight is supposed to hit the mid-40s (°F). Considering that we’ve had frost around this time in other years, this isn’t so bad. Things will heat up this weekend, at least figuratively, as Daughter Dearest has All-State tryouts on Saturday and her (OMG, it can’t be!) 18th birthday on Sunday.


  1. Is there a better time than being 18 years old? Everything glows.

    She must be excited.

  2. Morning FAR and KB.

    Happy B'day to Daughter Dearest! So FAR are ya'll buying her a new sports car for her B'day? :)

    Glad to hear M.A.E. is doing well.

    We had about the same temps as you last night. I tested the electric heat yesterday, and found the heater isn't working. You know how it goes with me trying to fix anything, so I'm not touching it. Called the guy that put the unit in, and I'm just waiting for a call from him.

    Hope you have a great w/e.

  3. Happy Birthday to DD! Isn't that homebrew going to be ready this weekend? Hope you find appropriate ways to celebrate -

  4. Wow, 18, do we see a excape from Far Manor looking a little more of a reality?

  5. Happy birthday to DD! Milestone birthdays always make me reflect how far I have (and haven't) come.

  6. Hey guys!

    KB, personally I think 23-24 is the best age: out of college, not married, answering to nobody.

    FM, she has a Civic. She's really not the sports car type (thank God!). Good luck getting your heater fixed!

    Beth, I'm glad you reminded me about the homebrew — I stuck some in the fridge first thing. I offered DD one for her birthday, but she made a face. (She doesn't like beer taste.)

    Anon - Solar? - maybe DD will escape. I'm not nearly as sure about me.

    B2, we've all come a long way. Still a long way to go, which is both good & bad....

  7. Again, happy happy to DD! "Escape From Far Manor" sounds like a vaguely John Carpenterish movie, lol. I can't imagine why anyone would want to escape the Manor though... why, you have everything ... a pond, chicken coops, wild berries, etc. But then, when I was 18 I was counting the days until I could escape the BFE little town where I grew up and go off to college. Just goes to show you, it all depends on context!

  8. Good luck to DD and happy bday tomorrow.

  9. Thanks for the B-day wishes, guys — I'll pass them along if DD hasn't read them herself yet.


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