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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ah, nuts...

Coming back from lunch, I suddenly realized that I wasn’t getting any sound from the left side of my headphones. So after wiggling wires and looking close, this is what I found (look where the wire almost goes into the earpiece, click to get a bigger image)...

Dangit. Those were my favorite headphones, too. I switched to the old reliable set of Koss earbuds (bright yellow wires!) and I’m now getting music out of iTunes the way Steve Jobs intended.

Those of you born after the baby boom probably don’t remember when “Made in Japan” pretty much meant the same thing as “Made in China exclusively for Wal-Mart” means now — in a word, junk. But Japan put its sense of national pride on the job, and it started to show in the early 1970s. Nowadays, “Made in Japan” usually means solid stuff. But not even the Japanese have figured out how to make wires small, flexible, and kink-proof, apparently. :-P


  1. Well, now to start working up a design for small, flexible, and kink-proof wires. Yes, I am an inventor, no patents, invented a few machines. Most notable is my "birth control machine" something I will not describe, anyway, my inventions are just too crazy to sell.

  2. A sex-prevention system was invented a long time ago. It’s called “marriage.”

    I'm thinking the wires could have some more protection (tougher coating, less flexible) where they go into the 'phones, where they meet, and at the plug end. That would probably do the job. Have at it!


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