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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Stinkular and their smell-phone “service”

Wife got the Stinkular bill today, and almost ended up like that guy on the T-Mobile commercial. $380.

M.A.E. didn’t realize that just downloading ringtones runs up charges... she thought you only had to pay for the ones you keep. OOOOOPS

Daughter Dearest called... Turkey?!!??? three times because a number from there showed up on the phone. Fortunately, it was “only” $2+change for each call. She also downloaded a ringtone, but only one.

The Boy’s phone showed like 4000 minutes of usage, thanks to M.A.E. being on it almost constantly, talking to family in Florida. He tends to be the heaviest user in the family without her help.... That’s going to change, she has her own pre-paid phone now. I wonder how long it will be until she talks it to death.

OK, none of that is Stinkular’s fault. Their problem (besides the signal dropping out in inopportune places, like my office... “raising the bar,” my fartpipe) is that they have a bad habit of trying to double-bill add-ons like MediaNet service. I have it on my phone, primarily so I can email pictures off the camera and do occasional forays online. But they try to bill my phone and The Boy’s.

It’s not like it’s the first time they’ve tried to pull this crap. We wind up going into the st00p1d store each time we get the bill because they’ve messed something up. They take it off, but it comes back just about every time. Seems like they fix one thing, they screw up another. I guess the retarded howler monkeys from the hospital’s billing department moonlight at Stinkular. Or the other way around.

If it’s Cingular to you, what’s your secret? One phone, barebones service?


  1. related stuff. If you are interested come and check it out if you get time.

  2. Oh FARfetched, did I happen to tell you about word verification? You should use it, it prevents unwanted spam. This Brother Roy sounds legit, but I got spam a lot like it until I employed WV.

  3. Yeah Austin, I enabled it on the haiku blog, but wanted to leave this one open. My mom reads it, and I didn’t want to put up any hurdles that would make it harder for her to comment. (Not that she comments much, but...)

    From what I can tell, the spambags have some software to trawl the “recent updates” list and send their crap. So I usually post, wait five minutes, then come back. If they haven’t hit me by then, they usually don’t. If they have, I delete with extreme prejudice... although I’ve been thinking about pointing them out to the admins. Maybe they would kill the spammers’ accounts.


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