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Sunday, October 09, 2005

(Nearly) cured

The cramp is still there this morning, but at a much lower intensity. It still pings when I take a deep breath, but it’s where I can mostly ignore it.

Too bad Blogger doesn’t polls. I'd have a “which did the most good” poll: the ibroprofen horse pill the wife gave me last night after supper, the heat pad, the chiro-cracker, or all of the above. I’m leaning toward the heating pad myself.


  1. Hey you! Does your chiro-cracker use that pop-gun thingy? I went to two this summer - the one using the pop-gun thingy didn't seem to be all that helpful...

    The other one was more of a sports physical therapist/chiro dude. He first used electrical stimulation on me (I know, I got a kick out the terminology too... had to hold back laughter)... Then just used his hands to make adjustments. I must say, that was my preferred method.

    Good lucks to you!

  2. He uses the popgun on other people. I think he reserves it for people who have weak bones or something; I’ve never asked.

    Electrical stimulation... hmmm....


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