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Friday, October 14, 2005

Death by Number 33

We went to one of the local Mexican restaurants last night (there are two in town, and two more in the retail district — people here like their tacos, I guess). Since I was on the way, they ordered #33 (chili relleno, tostada, quesadilla) for me. The barking started soon after leaving the restaurant; Daughter Dearest made the mistake of riding with me and I got to “share.”

It gets worse: the wife tells me the snoring (from both ends) went on most of the night and she ended up sleeping in the living room. I was even more oblivious than usual.

It continues to get worse: they haven’t completely gone away yet, over 24 hours later.


  1. I am not big Mexican food fan either, though we do have a few around Holland. Also, there is Beltline Bar in Grand Rapids, known for its great wet burritos.

  2. I was going to take the family to Beltline when we were up there last time, but didn’t have time. Is El Adobe still downtown?

    The closest thing to a wet burrito on this planet is the burrito deluxe (or something similar, often named after the restaurant). But it’s not quite the same.

  3. I am not sure if El Adobe is still downtown, but have you been to the Rivertown mall in Grandville when you visited, the place is HUGE. There is plenty of food there to spair, the next time you visit your home planet.


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