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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Rainy funk kind of night

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Tammy’s wet sloppy kiss has left me not much motivated to write much more than a haiku, and that was this morning in the car. I’ve just been hitting “Next Blog” and bouncing from place to place this evening. One I stumbled across that might prove interesting is Militant Leftist — it’s a new blog, only four entries when I found it (all recent), so it could grow or die. Time will tell.

What was that statistic? 55% of all bloggers continue to maintain their blog(s) after several months? — that means 45% of new bloggers just let it wither. ’Course, I did a head-fake along those lines; if you look at the Archive list you will see no posts for June after starting Tales from FAR Manor in May. I’ve come to enjoy blogging though; I think somewhere around 20 people read me at least occasionally, and knowing that is gratifying.

The soap-opera that is life at FAR Manor continues, mostly calm with a few minor issues. I’ve recently revised my opinion of The Boy’s girlfriend, though: she’s not as dumb as she thinks she is. I’ve worked with people no smarter than she, and they were called “managers.” IMO, what she lacks is a belief in herself, and a spark that would motivate her to push beyond her current boundaries. I can relate; on evenings like this the mental & emotional sloth reminds me I have no reason to think myself superior. I didn’t study very hard in high school because I could get As and Bs without making much effort. But I digress. She’s no Ms. Einstein to be sure, but she could become more successful than she thinks. Lobster is kind of in the same state... he’s content. He has his truck, his job at KFC, and he’s on track to finish high school this year. He doesn’t have a clue about afterwards, and I fear that he’ll put his money where his politics are and join the Army.

The Boy is a major question mark. He has talent and drive, but no interest in playing by any rules other than his own. That usually doesn’t work out unless you were born into the elites (Kennedy, Bush, Morgan, Windsor, the Illuminati), but can also lead to greatness — boom or bust, not much in between. I really believe in him & his potential, although the road he’s on is like rolling percentile dice and hoping for a double-ought. I keep prodding him to hatch a Plan B and keep it in his back pocket, just in case, but I don’t see him doing it yet. Well, at least he’s honest with himself: he’s not the type to “play the game” just to make it. Stardom or bust, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, that’s The Boy.

Daughter Dearest is the only one I see taking a conventional road, and she’s not all that conventional once you scratch the veneer. I’ll talk about her another time, though. Right now, it’s past my bedtime.

Sheesh. I came to write a paragraph, and ended up rambling.


  1. Sounds like great kids at FAR Manor...

    So work with Ms. Almost Einstein...my first in-laws encouraged me to be more than stay at home wife. I was taking golf lessons and playing bridge for heavens sake! Thanks to their encouragement I went to college - then dumped their son -but loved them anyway.

    Encourage the son to join the Navy - safer than the Army at least with regards to Iraq and Iran.

    Other son...give him time...who knows...just keep encouraging the way you are...he'll be fine.

    Daughter Dearest...well I think it's cool that she can do the Vulcan salute with her foot - but I'm weird that way. I can do it with both hands at the same time without any effort (double jointed if old joints!)


  2. Hi Sally. Yeah, I'm waiting for the right moment to let her know. Hey... thanks! I think you just gave me her blog-nickname: MAE, for Ms. Almost Einstein.

    She's in some pain this morning; her back is bothering her & she burned a thumb night before last. If her insurance covers a chiro-cracker, she'll at least be able to get something done about it. (Right now, we're wheezing, money-wise.)

  3. On your thing about blogs withering, I used to do that all the time, but not anymore.


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