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Saturday, October 29, 2005


Guess who let the propane tank run out?


At least there’s plenty of firewood. I went and gathered up an armload of kindling a few minutes ago, just picking sticks up off the manor grounds, and didn’t even make a dent in the supply.

At this rate, Jimmy Carter and I will be swapping sweaters. That wouldn’t be a bad thing... if we’d listened to the man, the country wouldn’t be in the fix we’re in now.


  1. Good way in coupling the woes of your freezing to a political statement. Also, you are lucky to be down in Georgia, come up to Michigan some time, it is even more cold.

  2. Oops is right...

    Heating with wood in the mountains is our preferred way...and here in the city it's the infamous natural gas bills. Because we've been told gas will be higher all around it's sweats and thick socks.

    During my flu bug I actually had the heater on - at 65. Now that I'm "well" it's back down to 55...at least until the serious rains begin.

    Enjoy the fire...with a good book and stay off the aching foot!

  3. Austin, the houses in Michigan at least are insulated better, and full basements make a pretty good heatsink. We're managing with a glassed-in fireplace at the moment; it’s touching freezing at worst right now.

    Sally, yeah, I'm not looking forward to seeing how much the gas refill is going to be. This rack of poplar we have is OK, it tends to burn hot & fast and not leave much ash or coals — we need to burn it up anyway; it's been drying for a couple of years and now it's pretty buggy.

  4. The problem is WHEN it gets cold down south, I hear it gets COLD. But over at school we have no air or heating, so you have it lucky.

  5. Didn't you run out of propane last year too? You're suppose to learn from your mistakes. :)


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