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Friday, October 07, 2005

Are they trying to drum up business?

Daughter Dearest broke her ankle about a year ago, badly enough that it required surgery to put back together (two pins & a plate, won’t she have fun at the airports). We made the mistake of taking her to the nearest hospital to get the deed done. It’s not that they do a bad job on the medical end, except that there have been times in its history where you about had to be spurting blood on the ceiling to get quick help, but their billing department seems to be staffed by retarded howler monkeys (and that’s defaming retarded howler monkeys everywhere).
  • We’ve caught them trying to double-bill us on a couple of occasions for this and other work (The Boy spent was diagnosed with Type I diabetes there last April, and DD got appendicitis about two weeks after that — last year would have been bankruptcy time if we didn’t have decent insurance).

  • On another occasion, they sent a paid bill to a collection agency. Like I said, retarded howler monkeys.

But today tops even those. Wife calls me at work, wanting to know the number of someone at the insurance company. Turns out that the hospital can’t figure out their own code for the pins they put in DD’s foot, and the insurance company rejected the claim. So they’re threatening to screw over our credit record because they can’t figure out how to write their own bills! So she’s totally overreacting, which stresses me out...

Makes me wonder if they’re trying to make people sick to stay in business or something.

Let me say it one more time: retarded howler monkeys.


  1. You say your boy was diagnosed with diabetes, well, there is a natural cure for diabetes that works in three months. It is all the rage in Asia but the drug companies do not want you to know about it. It is an herb, and if I find more, I will tell you. It has cured people in Asia and some over here.

  2. I definitely want to hear about that, if you find the info. I’ve heard whispers about stuff like that, and you never know, right? If I can find out what it is, I’ll add it to my herb garden & see if we can grow him a cure.

  3. First of all, you need to put him on a diet of daily seafood for a few months. Seafood has a high content of chronium, one of 72 elements key for natural health. This alone can alleviate many symptoms. To cure it completely, mix together the herbs banaba, guggle, bitter melon, licorice extract, cinnamon herb powder, gymnema sylvestre, yarrow, cayenne, juniper berries, huckleberry, and vanadyl sulfate. I know it is a lot, but rumor has it that this all works together to reverse the root cause of diabetes, it normalizes and increases insulin production, and it stabilizes blood sugar levels. I say to put your boy on a healthy diet of fish each day for the next three months because a healthy diet and lifestyle will help it work. Be sure also, he only eats whole foods. This cure, used mainly in China, where natural cures are the ONLY medicine available, it has cured 99% of Type II diabetes cases and 64% of Type I diabetes cases. Believe me, I research this sort of thing. Also, if there is any other cure you need to know, I may have it, just email me if you want it. I've got a few cures for herpes, some for cancer, and other diseases. My sister has depression, so I am researching herbs known to cure that, it is said to be curable within three days. Anyway, I hope my cure worksf for your son. You know, I maintain that they know the cure, but do not reveal it, because all the insulin used by all the diabetics really rakes in money for the drug companies.

  4. I used to have a ridiculous amount of faith in the hospital system. I still have a ton of faith in modern medicine, but actually working in a hospital has really changed how I feel about the whole thing. Yes, retarded howler monkeys, indeed. We deal with sensitive patient information, and I'm consistently shocked by how completely inept people are, and how none of the 400 managers per employee seem to really care. I wouldn't trust some of the people I work with to make me food at McDonalds, let alone handle important stuff that has to do with my health. And I work at the GOOD hospital in the area.

    Good luck straightening out your mess. I always feel like I should bill companies for my time when I have to deal with mistakes that THEY made.


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