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Friday, October 28, 2005


Last week, there was the big toe acting up. My self-therapy for that in the past has been to wear the ol’ Birkenstocks with the shaped sole. Two days later, no more problem. My tennies are about a half-size too tight, which was probably my problem. I switched to my church shoes until I get around to getting a replacement pair of tennies.

With that out of the way, now I’ve been having some soreness in my (left) side for the last few days. It hasn’t gotten worse, but it hasn’t gotten better either, so I figured I’d better have it looked at.

The doc, who oversaw The Boy for the first few hours of his diabetes, didn’t have a good explanation. Worst case, I’m getting an ulcer. which would be strange — it’s not like we have four teenagers here... oh, wait a minute... we do. I could (nearly 30 years after having my spleen removed due to a car wreck) be getting “adhesions,” in which loops of the intestines start sticking together. I have no clue how that’s treated, and I’m not sure I want to know. So she suggested I take an antacid; if the pain goes away that points to an ulcer.

Then she asked, “have you have a strep pneumonia shot in the last 5 years?” With my usual style and flair, I replied, “Hunh?” Turns out that I’m at risk, as I’m missing a spleen, so she called in the nurse with a vaccination for me. She would have also given me a flu shot, if she’d had vaccine available. The Boy and I will both be getting it later, I guess.

The shot hurt worse afterwards than it did going in. It’s sore as all get-out now, 11 hours later. Oh well, I’m no stranger to pain. After all, I’m married.


  1. Ulcers, hmm. I'll take a look in the holistic medicine books and see if there is a cure for that.

  2. Another thing I must tell you is that they are finding that removing the spleen may actually not be a good thing. I was practiced for so long, because it was seen as useless. Now, it seems to serve a function. Really, it is not in there for nothing. This is the same thing I have maintained about appendix and kidneys. You can lose one, but that is bad. I think that there are natural cures that can preserve all these parts, for the good of us. The whole one kidney works thing, I think that it really leads to bad in the long run.

  3. I didn't have much of a choice about the spleen removal — the car wreck I was in broke it in two. It somehow sealed itself, at least temporarily, otherwise I would have bled to death. (Divine intervention.)

    The spleen acts as a filter; it's part of the immune system actually. Fortunately, it's not the whole immune system.

  4. When you had your car wreck were you going to church? I was in the same type wreck but I was okay.

  5. Yeah. My brother had a few wrecks... the lucky little SOB got an Olds 442 for dirt-cheap, and I think he had it in the ditch more than he did on the pavement. :-P

  6. Your brother sounds really really cool. I bet he's cherished by all sorts of people.


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