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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Quota week?

Going into work this morning, I saw no less than five cop cars out & about. One of them pointed the ol’ radar gun my way.

Now I ding Planet Georgia for various reasons, but one thing they do right is tightly regulate local police activity with regard to writing speeding tickets — mainly in reaction to the big black eye that crooked towns like Ludowici gave the planet. One measure limits revenue from traffic tickets; others mandate a 10MPH tolerance for local/county cops.

It’s funny, though: cops can be appreciated or reviled, depending on whether they’re directing traffic through a busy intersection or running a speed trap, and they could do both in one day.


  1. I know what you mean, police can be good or bad. It like if you crash your parents Gremlin through a fence in a snow storm, or if you roll the car over and finish it off. There's always a cop somewhere close to issue a ticket.

  2. You know, there are good points and bad points to having cops and security personel everywhere. I have stories for both.

    The Good: I can easily recall many times that I was biking and the cops caught a few wreckless drivers for me. Really, if we did not have them, it would be too dangerous. Also, I remember two occasions of seeing convicts arrested, one in Chicago and one in Florida, and I tell you, I walked right past the guy in Chicago right before he was arrested.

    The Bad: One time I got into an argument at the Civic Center with some people and we got into a brawl. The security guard caught them and I ran away into the night, and I did not come back there for two years.

    You see, I have been on both sides. It of course is always worth the bad side for all the good.


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