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Friday, October 21, 2005

The Eyes (Don’t) Have It

Wife is slowly getting over herself, although it’s taking a little longer than usual. I picked up The Boy from his job (very late) last night; he asked me “What was she mad about today?” Nothing really, just the hangover from the night before. M.A.E. grabbed an order of jalapeño bites for him on her way out of Arby’s (I ate one of them though!) so he had a little snacky before bed.

So this morning, the wife was looking at M.A.E’s schedule. They make a printout of her hours for the week & we stuck it to one of the refrigerators in the kitchen (yes, we have two fridges, and we use ’em both). The printout is pretty small — like 4-point type — and the wife couldn’t read it. She had to ask me to look at it.

So far, the most sucky part of hitting the mid-40s is the vision change (only because menopause hasn’t started, I’m sure). Over the last year or so, I’ve had to peer over my glasses to read, or just take them off. In the morning, it takes a while for my eyes to want to do their job, so I try not using the computer for the first hour of the day. A minor inconvenience. But in the last couple of months, I’ve noticed that she’s had a seriously hard time reading small print of any kind. This morning, she finally admitted what I’ve known for a while. I hope she doesn’t have to get bifocals; from everything I’ve heard, they sound like more trouble than just having two pairs of glasses.

I wonder if the R-K surgery she had done back when is a factor. I’ve always been leery of elective eye surgery myself.


  1. Eyesight issues - bah - just a symptom of getting older! Stronger reading glasses every year....

    Menopause....as a "woman of a certain age" it always cracks me up to hear guys worry about this topic. On a more cheerful note have check out http://www.vitanca.com.

    The company was formed by women, deals in totally organic herbal supplements for women's "symptoms". I swear by 3 - "Pre-Menstrual Support" (stops emotional swings), "Menopause Support" (awesome for hot-flashes), and "Uplift" for emotional support. I found the first 2 from a friend and at my health food store (Whole Foods)because hot flashes and mood swings were making me nuts. The 3rd because the doctor wanted me on Prozac for panic attacks and borderline depression....no frickin' way!

    The website is really good and informative. Okay - end of sales pitch this morning...

    Have a great day....

  2. Why do you find that funny? You know the rule: "If Mama ain't happy, nobody's happy." Thanks for the site, I'll be sure to check it out.

  3. Chuckles - because all men I've known are terrified of women's PMS moods and menopause. My mother's generation never talked about menopause. My friends and I just gossip about various symptoms, remedies, and when the hell well it all end! I dearly love men in all their aspects. But the fear of women's health issues has been blown out of proportion by tv and articles and you wonderful guys bought into it.

    Seriously - most women just feel at their most vulnerable and we were not taught how to just accept our bodies. Some of us learned and studied.

    My answer to Mama ain't happy is to leave Mama alone. My hubby is finally okay with that...if I'm having a snit leave me alone until I'm done. Don't ask - cause if I want you to know believe me I'll tell you. And yes, I can be a drama queen with the best of them!

    Back to more serious stuff...2 books to read...both you and the wife. "The Pause" the definitive book on menopause. This book describes the 10-12 years of body changes that occur during what is known as menopause. Actually "peri-menopause" the period before cessation.

    The second book "Menopausal Years" by Susun S. Weed gives great ideas for diet, attitude, and choices between dealing with it, traditional medications, and alternative methods including diet and herbal.

    Your wife could already be starting symptoms and not realize it. It's helpful to have some guidance. Doctor's aren't it. Mine patted my hand and told me I was too young...Bah!

    Have some hugs....and know the chuckles are as a woman who bought into the crap and then dumped the whole thing when I had info.

  4. Re: glasses. I had a pair made just for use at the computer, along with the bi-focal at the bottom. I measured the distance between me and the screen, printed off something on the screen and took it to the optomotrist. The glasses are perfect and is one of the better decisions I have made. Mommy D

  5. Glasses, ugh. I recently had to buy a pair of magnifiers at the pharmacy, because I was straining my eyes being on the computer all day...

    Oddly enough, I haven't used them in awhile... Huh. But yeah, mid-thirties, come on... This stuff is for OLD people!


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