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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Interesting thought

Heard during sets on a streaming Internet station last night: “If Jesus had a tape recorder, how different would things be today?”


  1. If Jesus had a tape recorder to record what he ACTUALLY said in AMERICAN ENGLISH then the Republican Party would have no platform because he would contradict exactly what they think. Also, if he lived today, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson would have been the Pharisees that hated him.

  2. FARfetched, I have started a new blog at the same adress. But before we start, I must tell you something of myself. I was never really a great professional blogger, I am a 15 year old kid, nor was I a great political commentator. My IQ is 149, very high for my age, and anyone else's, which was why I spent mmy time dwelling on such serious subjects, I have always been that way. That is just a little about me that you should know. I never lied about anything, it is just that I never told you who I really was, for fear people would look down on my writings. Anyway, in losing my blog I decided to come clean. Don't worry though, your son's diabetes cure is still likely to work, I really know my way around the holistic cures. Well, anyway, my new blog is really more or less just whatever I want to post. Really, I am more free-spirited than you think, don't worry, I will still talk politics.

  3. Thanks for coming clean, Austin. I did think you were older, probably because you’re one of the few teenagers I know nowadays who can either spell correctly or at least pay attention to the spell checker. I was right in guessing you still lived with your parents, though. ;-)

  4. Yes. It was pretty easy to figure out, also, I was 2nd place in school spelling bee a couple of times, so that was why I spell good.


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